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The put up the grand majority of the money and you get the rutley shoot match i don't know any business that works that way even whether name as big as derek jeter he just hope it again install and i think that is what is legitimately slowing down this process i think major league baseball once derek jitters group to win i think they want them to get the bid i think they want derek jeter to be an older all the major league baseball well team they think that will be good for baseball overall but it's gonna be real bad for dare jesus partner as far as i'm concerned i would tell derek thank you know kinda like the bush dead and said yeah plaza is you want me to portable occasion you wanna do everything you want to run all gel oh yeah nevermind i withdraw my name from the bering sea that's what the problem is and that's what slowing things down and where that has an impact on baseball is there rumors floating that mike stanton bike don't call me gm carlo done combing nightstand is potentially going to be traded by them marlins and narrow more coats and tweets to that effect today that the giants would be interested in a couple of other teams have donor hat into the ring to talk to the marlins about stan i don't believe for a millisecond the florida marlins at going to trade stanton before this deal is done environment owner who's got a bid on a potential owners got a bit in on a marlins and they're going to make a decision with the key is asset the entire organisation ads and they're going to change it right before i take over and they take my mahdi no way i'm not doing ads i want to be the guy who decide what we do achieve carlos dan from our trade him and old somebody else to make that decision for me i wanna make my myself so i think this is and god bless.

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