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Chicago, Rockford, Maggie Radic discussed on Extension 720 with Justin Kaufmann


Why they felt compelled to March for the African American community in Chicago and just so our support and use our white privilege for good yeah I think people are too silent about this is against people of color in this country and it seems like people don't pay attention when people are protesting silently so that your resources large protest was held also in Rockford for north west of Chicago had to be moved because its original location was on a burial ground W. I. for TV news director Maggie radic he tells WGN the organizer the group called Rockford youth activism is the same group that held a rally there Saturday what they said is that they you know are there movement is centered around safety and they want to make sure that no lives are taken by police or those who support them and so they are asking people who attend and to be aware of those who have come to try to advocate and distract from their goal they we had said we will have organized is dedicated to providing those.

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