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Boy it's funny meant it's really funny you mentioned that name 'cause i've been holding out hope on simmons not that i drafted many where the pm not pretending like a cry remains coming no no no on simmons hoping that he would go brandon crawford meaning that he would kind of one more hit team to twenty homers yeah within the stolen bases figure out how to hit because he got so much playing time at the major leagues because of his glove eyewear bring for like a late 20s surgeon and we are getting that i'm actually going to go simmons because of the steelers i think those steals our just too damn precious the other they'll end up with reno fifteen overs each in them rather have the stone stone basis and brank roberts not going to hit three hundred probably so that once a fairly easy from me gets harder above him crawford forty three to thirty two for semin so if i start talking about didi grigory is or a lead missed de as it gets a little bit harder grigory is at offense right now man i want any piece of that offense logrona see it's really good and the other candidates won't he has years here's a lot he has he has ten more runs than phnom actually ease about in the same as crawford okay wrong place that's weird is the same runs in home runs as crawford crawford does have twenty more atbat so i guess it's still somewhat impressive i mean dvds hit and three thirty seven at i know we don't expect keep hitting thirty seven but um you know he hit twenty homers last year was seven stolen bases if he starts running a little bit again in at least gets back up push in double digits with 20something homers i think again.

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