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To go when they're into Pittsburgh on a prime time game and beat those guys bills are two point underdogs or at least they were yesterday haven't checked it today so it's a it's fun that's why it's that's why this is that gonna be a really good week it's all been a lot of fun this week to have everybody on these these guest Reno back go brand you if you're hurt him yeah talk to yeah that guy knows everything about football yeah about the NFL yeah history where this player came from why he was here and not over here he's an amazing guy has a lot of fun talking to him will be great Steelers are pretty good defensively right we know that watching the video first look at the video couple of standouts that got to me TJ what who's got like double digit sacks already a great pass rusher JJ's brother right now the Wisconsin product he did what he looks sensational on the other side another former first rounder but do pre who is a giant size outside linebacker he's like two hundred sixty seven two hundred seventy pounds he's having a great year for the Pittsburgh Steelers and they're good players all over up front Cameron he would in Jason Hargrove I've always been a make it fits Patrick band even when he was with the dolphins were really solid player making Fitzpatrick kinda anchoring the back end good corners Terrell admins of former first round pick Tramaine admins brother at that one of the safety spots it's a really good defense and John McDermott talk about that Steelers defense when he met with the media about forty five minutes ago I mean I got a good roster of talent let's start there right I mean high draft picks across the defensive line good secondary play good linebacker play that's a part of also might be in there a long time you know they've been able he and Kevin to build it the right way and and the type of players that they like they want and and it's shown you know when you look at what do pre and hi Hey word and then you look at TJ and along with now dead in the middle on with a that around those pieces and then the secondary play as well I forgot about Devin bush first round draft pick from Michigan a a great really great salad athletic linebacker fifth ranked defense in the NFL the Pittsburgh Steelers last week's opponents Baltimore which kept buffalo did just one touchdown Baltimore was the is now the six Frank defense so they're right there defensively where they lack Steve is office right in it how could you not if you lose let me on bell Antonio brown in Ben Roethlisberger of course you're going to be behind the ball on and off and James Caan or the guy who replaced levy on bills been out for five weeks as well but they got that they've had five got four guys take snaps as quarterback not same is only taken as only tempted five passes but their Devlin Hodges is the guy now duck Dodgers duck Dodgers is a professional dot color can ease completing seventy one percent of his passes I mean he's this guy has come in a star light it up in he's fifty seven of eighty passing yeah certainly five touchdowns and two interceptions so you know he's not killing up these guys seventy of seventy yards seventy nine yard touchdown pass for one of them he's been sacked six times his quarterback rating is one oh three explain pretty well he's all right but takes a don't ask him to throw it all that much and that's it I mean he's and he's got probably his best testing is the the best defense he's faced coming up this week will be interesting to see how the how that goes it's come there's a lot of question marks a lot of intrigue in this game and it is an important game not just for the Buffalo Bills as we said it will be when it you're in it this is huge for the Pittsburgh Steelers they've got this keep pace in their division with the with the ravens and in the wild card standings so it's it's a huge game for them too and it's on prime time and then there you go we're off and running man they could they could go to nine and five they would match the bills record if they win this game yeah and all the sudden the fifth seed to be employed right they would have the same record and they have the first tiebreaker so that's what the bills are trying to avoid and I do think there's a sense at least from my standpoint bills are trying to avoid being in a a desperate week seventeen maybe even week sixteen situation where well now you got to get your win right let's get this over with let's clinches thing in and move on to the other things like Hey do we have a shot at the AFC east division in Haiti can we get to eleven wins right I think that that's right the bills would like to win this in my from my standpoint anyway they haven't verbalize this but I think you need to get a win here this Sunday so that you're not a desperate team going down the the final two games of the year it'll certainly change the mindset going in the last three games New England the last two games with New England and my aunt and the jets because you're in and now you can just look around see what our match ups have a chance to be an all day what that game that two weeks I guess New England you got to think an outside chance but then you look at doing when they they played Cincinnati buffalo Miami they play the teams with the wanted to pick in the draft right now who have absolutely stunk so did the knowing the pagers are not gonna drop one of those two games Bronte what they may drop the buffalo game and it be nice to go in there and and nipple all right you brought the patriots I don't want to get deep into it here will save a whole segment for this later but I don't know if it's worth it discussing at all I mean it was a big topic yesterday and it's died down Spygate part two I'm looking at a piece that was written on the CBSSports dot com a false alarm the college I think that's what happened Steve did they violate some roles shooting what they did maybe was a consequential that doesn't matter is there anything of value to be obtained by shooting coaches on the sideline anything that you can get from your your present scalp there or or network TV I don't know I don't think there is but we'll talk about this in depth you do you still think the death penalty I don't know there will be a death penalty but they will get fined for chart that's aren't given their history and add a topic and and the little bit of a firestorm they'll and it'll be it'll be a an organizational finding a fine bill Belichick for the production side of the dell dell find the the company that the team you know half million Bucks or to grander yeah patriots don't tonight at their video crew made a mistake yeah the film and the guys I guess the guys were freelancers some of them I guess we're here some of them they're the guys I'll be honest with it I feel sorry for that group because bell check is likely to take it out on that group not you know that they're probably similar to the people we work with here right just guy trying to do their job and Bella just like they'll say like that say don't ever embarrass me like this again you're gone you know I mean who knows how that'll play what may we'll talk made make it pay raise up for what they got right which is probably nothing for doing what they were told that well amidst controversy yeah I don't know yeah I get an idea I don't think that happened I yeah teams have their own production companies within a week I do not want the bills do the Browns do the patriots do the jets do they have this game in the bangles do they have always act with them the whole right the two guys they have a whole wing of the organization that that pumps out content for the website and for our radio show for bills tonight all that stuff the end and they should we should stop all the time yeah all the time with players without players get going to community service stuff that the behind the scenes stuff embedded yeah you know so popular stuff yeah so that's what the patriots are doing and yeah and you know as well as I do it's not just they can she whatever they want even in their own building yeah so that's why the bangles are so sensitive to and I think every team understands that yeah I will will you don't do that right so I then I think they'll probably they'll get a slap on the wrist okay that's a neat will get into this a little bit deeper but that sounds like what I'd like to see him do all this different tone than the one you're helping humming yesterday on the show I'm just saying we'll get to odds I'll trust that they actually checked into it uhhuh I I think that probably it will get into this because we got more important things talk about bills and sealers we got a good to Twitter poll today and it is up right now with already three hundred seventy four votes it on one does live our our Twitter side a Twitter poll if the bills have an advantage over the Steelers and what you say buffalo is one or two point underdog someone that they were they were yeah if the bills have an advantage over the Steelers what is it and why don't you think I think it's an interesting question because I believe the bills are better than the Steelers the odds makers don't for whatever that's worth that's more reflection and the betting public but I believe one game ahead I think the bills better better season I think they got vastly better personnel especially on the offense of side of the ball especially quarterback and if the bills have an advantage over the Steelers what is it and why that's a portable give us a call to discuss it three oh five fifty toll free one eight eight eight five fifty two five fifty three hundred seventy four votes in on the Twitter Paul so far and of that group fifty six percent of you saying the quarterback it's pretty obvious right Josh Alan over Dublin Hodges fifty six percent say it's that thirty percent say it's overall defense that's worth that merits discussion because as I said it's a really talented really big defense the Steelers have and I know the bills defense as talented as well eleven percent say it's buffalo's run game okay three percent of something else in mind it was a call to discuss after Chris Brown will dive right into the phone calls and dive into the the tweet cheat and figure out what you think the advantages I think the bills have an advantage over Pittsburgh regardless what odds makers say see what about you yeah and it's the oddsmakers aren't really handicap in the game there handicap in public opinion right Pittsburgh at home on a Sunday night yeah they're tough to beat and I I think that goes with them they're minus two soul it demi which means they think they're gonna win by two points and that's what you're betting that's what that's what they you know that's what I always forget when I say well how can I think it will they think that's what people thanks for the money that's where they that's it think half the money will say yeah I think Pittsburgh a win by two and half the money will say now buffalo's gonna cut gonna come in a win that game or be within a point the Steelers that's basically what that says and I and I get it Pittsburgh has a big reputation for being tough to beat at home and we put him on prime time it multiplies no matter who they're playing Buffalo Bills or not and I think there's still a national perception of the bills are and there okay you know what I mean even despite the fact that they took the best team in the league to the wire last week so yeah I I'm I'm happy to I don't care about I don't I'm not a gambler so I don't care what they the thing is but I I do think this is going to be a very close game in a two point margin by the betting population would would tend to support yeah pretty fun take you out to practise Chris Brown standing by on the sidelines at the bills work out inside the a pro sports training center get to that when we return we're just kick it off your windows live present a bike a lot of help live from the Seneca studio Seneca.

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