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When disabled autistic retarded now going blind with the mess with massive gi bleeds and at the beginning we were dirt poor i grew up a very plus family but still my dad did it on your on like i did never did i think of offing my children by the way three kids by age thirty back to university became a teacher got my masters didn't pull a darley i thought that was kind of a cool email it was kinda saying how rough she's had it or is it a woman you think rehersal maybe how rough she's had headed in how she overcame at n never thought to kill her giver even include her mind reiller dudes and i think that would be for most of us that would be the case but i give her credit yeah she's got a good spirit don't you think i think so yep excellent so i have a comment on the baby thief the story of georgia tan from hope parker it hopes says try looking into the modern day child kidnappings called cps child protective services adoption and family court if you think that this type of child kidnapping died with short georgia ten you haven't research those three agencies so sure i don't think the died with george tan vital think we said that the new now i don't think it did i think that takes different guises put it still exists and it's probably not as prominent right on think it's as corrupt has it was i don't think it is but it is fascinating the way that she shaped a lot of the current day adoption laws so with cps they could take a child and you know you kind of lewis a lot of power there about what they're going to jail with your child's who peers can take your of the terminate roads yeah so a lot of power us sick i'm sure could be abused absolutely yes so thanks hope i think you're definitely right about that.

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