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Of epilepsy patients, but that could soon be changing more than a dozen bills. All looking to expand the state's medical marijuana program or up for debate in Austin patients who've benefited from a distant canvas lined up to tell their stories. Karen Reeves says it saved her life. I'm not a criminal. I am a medical patient too. Many patients are needlessly suffering and dying from the lack of safe candidates access. One Bill would expand medical marijuana to hospice patients in other would let veterans use it to treat PTSD a legislature. Also considering a digital drivers lies. San Antonio state Senator Jose Menendez says it makes sense to hang your license on your phone along with your banking and other important priorities future no-one leaves anywhere without their phone many times, you don't know where your wallet is. But you know, what your phone is anti Tomo activist Terry hall until the Senate transportation commission. Not only would this meaner license could be hacked. It would give the government. The ability to turn off her license tonight. You the right to drive, and you haven't for example, paid your taxes. Texas State troopers will now be carrying NAR Ken kids to help with opioid overdoses governor Abbott announced today, the kids will help save lives and protect people from the potentially lethal drug DPS director Steven across as a trooper recently used. Arkansas' save someone last week any dog oh county at troopers will also receive tactical emergency training. So they know how to use the medication which complex opioids affects all the man accused of killing eight month old king Jay Daba in San Antonio than staging a carjacking to try to cover. It up. Today was denied a bond reduction in court Christopher. Wwl was indicted last week on multiple charges. Police say he declined to get the baby medical help. When he fell off a bed when he was playing video games either. Because he was to immerse to the game or because he had drugs in the house, and he was afraid police would find them, I'm Kerry Laki get.

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