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But I but I always think okay, we'll just be be just tell her just tell her you don't want to be engaged and like right right. There's a lot of that where you're like, why didn't you just say you bought salad? Like why didn't you just give the pain back? Like there's so many like things where it's like this is so easily resolved in real life. But also like I have watched those scenarios spin out in real life and I'm like, oh everybody's crazy. Everybody's just holding on for dear life to some strip like anything right? It's a but I wonder if I always wonder I was talking to Haley about her love of horror movies and that's because I had my truck Iran and he was talking about how he deals with anxiety. It kind of says him. I forget who it was with any way people with anxiety in different ways. And one of the ways is to watch horror movies and watch things get played out and not be there for them and I wonder ye The love of certain sitcoms you're like this is a way to it could be a way to teach people to Define boundaries. Yes, cuz absolutely steady, steady sitcom ever. Yeah, there are no boundaries location. There's no power. He's nothing. It's a hellscape socially I do think I may have talked about anxiety and horror movies before and like but seeing it play all the way out can feel like some kind of resolution like when there's resolution. There's some like Comfort to that and I do think that like Rome it calms provide that as well. There's such a like beginning. Here's the problem here. Is it getting worse? Here's it getting resolved like you finish an episode. You're like, okay, that's over, right, you know how long they solved that problem. At least you don't have that issue again, and that's so funny Allison Lobby. I thank you so much for being on the Dork Forest. This was so much fun. I loved All all of all of the topics were super follow the topic and we got to kind of meander around just things that you love good. That's that's what I like. I just like liking stuff. Yeah me too. Me too. That's it's such a dork Forest moment. So, thank you so much. Everybody. Find Alison lie beyond the web at Allison Lobby one Ellen Allison a l i s o n y b l e i b y and the name of the podcast it's ruined and we've told you witness go out there and fight you got to listen and we're and you know, the rules out there Rangers take care of each other my hat my hat my hat. They're dancing around my age. I hat my hat my hat. Well, what do you think that if it looks like a Mexican hat dance and it sounds like a Mexican Hat Dance. It's most likely a Mexican hat dance. So take up your head off. Oh my God, why don't we just call that as the end of the show?.

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