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Tanya and a little secret of human hopefully green with her but before we do. I do what they're gonna break here and just highlight a few of our other sponsors zoo ru zero crazy bunch of balloon by you or or at of some refund visit sirnak to find out more about the hottest toy summer also emily and lucy jewelry jewelry for the everyday woman. All natural gemstones in goal ville jewelry. That will tarnish with that. I know i hear and i see that. The wonderful undergrad is here with us. Tanya you get a really special moment a low and welcome. I is of last for you. We're going to have jessica opened up her gift bag. All of you put together along with iheartradio to watch your open up the gift bag which i think will be very special for jess to get back. Hi guys commits you. I know i'm so bombed guys aren't here in see. So we've got how raw heels the have why they use those and the weird fun and describing towel. I just your own circle on year.

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