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But listen Fuck man that's why like cutting off. Fuck fuck fuck you about to ask me a question. I think you should let me ask you it was about it was about comebacks to man. Okay you as a promoter right. What's what's worth it for you to invest in What's his kids. Managers got beat up by not kettani. Do you do you. Do you reinvest in verdel. And try to rebuild them because of his puerto rican fan base or. Do you reinvest in bruna. I would reinvest in browner to be honest with well. That being said verdel has never made it to the level of boehner and they've reinvested in verdel three times. Yup so people need up and listen to the show absolutely right Who got said he would. Up of reinvested day. Hillary deo Over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in a fight. That's not a vestment. Bob got to listen. Listen you're absolutely right but think about this with the bates with the bait of browner on the end of the hook. Our heyman was able to bag. Mikey when everybody wanted him then he was able to bag back yao when everybody wanted him. So i don't see how you invested in boehner and didn't make your money back. He brought you assets. Remember that he brought you assets. No he did. I saying loud. You sound like that's a ver tail is a bad example noise. Not that's i look really shit smell solids relocation and remember. He lives from puerto rico. He live in america. It was reinvestment. They've been given a prime spots on. Espn against fighters that you know mean. They showed his building back process. When i and thirty teddy. I'm not saying they giving them money. Understand what i'm trying to say is that they are investing in your comeback. So they're giving you checks for free the the fights you're supposed to win so the checks are free and they did that for him three times. He never maintenance world title level everytime we was going to be a world title challenger the dude before the title shot. Actually i beat them. Like come on bro. And you're right. Listen if they were if they did invest in him they would have done one or two things one would cut him or two they would have given his name to somebody else. They have just kept feeding him to people but they gave soft touches to come back and up out. They tried to rebuild. They didn't feed them. They rebuilt it. They didn't feed him. They never fed them to anybody named the do who's the name because he gets knocked out before they feed her mouth. Just say the lowest. I'm i'm pull up is no but he s and that's what i'm trying to the b side to anybody like he was never the b. side. Anybody that they were trying to best up. That's what i'm trying to listen. Just keep getting knocked but no that's not true that's not true to send me out. Love pull it up. The thing is he never ran off of run. You know what i'm saying. But they could. Absolutely i'm gonna find so many gaps in his resume where we could fucking cashed out like fucking dudes blown it. Look where he beat dude this topic he got out. See again at four wins. We could have been sell room. Had a common opponent my dad. My dad was a common opponent where i think team oh or or And bryan bryan. Buskens had been in there with rape beltran carlos. He's gonna brian. Investments is actually a winner at life. His wife is The costa rican barrels. Chris beat up Yes so these are all to build him to an eventual fight but said he look he lost to the tune. Up right antonio lozada tourist. That wasn't supposed to happen so so look look how. How many wins. He had before that loss like he was like thirty and shit like they could have been when when common opponent fema williams silver and they see right did they cut when he lost to the feelings so felix madero but they verdel. So what i'm saying is this is the time when they were supposed to cash out right so then they seem right because it ain't like we we as boxing fans. We seem before the laws we see. He wasn't the goods mean. Gil used to argue. I want joe l. d. s. to beat him not joseph di as junior joe. Lds he's like from stockton. The same should happen to him. So so so boom. Now the bubble burst and top rank facing lozado beats them. They give them one. Two three four fights four fights would a new trainer that's called rebuilding so after the first one. That could have cashed after the second one is going to cash them out. They gave him a tear female in new york city man in two thousand eighteen. Why why offer one win. They can't give them to new york city fucking madison square garden hundred annuals versus balturick annuals. Of course they could and then why they can do it over bri vasquez because they wasn't looking to cash amount brother. That's what i'm trying to tell you. It was in investment got about baskets. You know what they was trying to do. They probably looking for down the future team. That's why they try to go. Knock itani and nakasone said hell no not tonight. They could upset him to teal on the way up to and that's what i'm saying. But they wanted to. They thought that they had somebody and they were willing to take another gamble with. They spent dollars on him. You know how many training camps that is sparring partners ishmael silas. I mean time he fought is a spot that somebody else was in fighting in. That was marketing dollars out was primetime placement. Espn it was cool. You could put that money on we just yesterday even though he lost twice sue. But you know what i'm saying Joshua grid they put that money on on berlanga was in home. And and and and and look. We all know man. We've been watching this for so long. We know what it is now like. They do that because they got those countries. We've got one of those countries that allegedly like boxing. They can invest a little bit more. And you look at what they did over. What about your man gilbert. Oh my man like forty two fights and he who he fourth heart twice gave a meal paper. I did go bill. Browner.

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