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That's nice. I I don't know that. So. Never heard this. I don't know. What's it called anything? But mine anything, but my face catching my name in it. Wow. That is not why I like it though that doesn't hurt the first line in the song Mary's Mary's home. Yeah. So that's why you like, no I love Kenny Chesney. So there was also did you have a backup? I did. Blue eyes crying in the rain. Oh, sure. Thing that relies there was I was looking at my Maria by Brooks and Dunn which is another one of my favorite songs, which also has a version of the name Mary. But that is not why I like that. I'm hearing a lot of Mary references. No Dixie chicks cowboy take me away was also on the list, but I didn't wanna go political. Paula abdul. Mary me. Coldhearted snake didn't make lists. No, they'll crazy Mary. I do like that by Pearl Jam because that's just simply because of references. My name by some other people are chiming in with for instance. I'm surprised you didn't pick ACDC highway to hell three one feel like Wendy might pick. That Wendy Snyder could be two to four kickstart, my heart. Motley great song man that is. That's that's a good choice. If you're on your deathbed, and you're like, we're gonna play one more one more song. Justin. How about when I see you again by wiz Khalifa, and as the texture puts it in some random white guy that random white guys Charlie poof, by the way, who came much more famous later after. Is the idea of this to prolong your life a little bit longer or just to hear something? I mean, that's why I picked American pie because I figured the least thing that could app. The best thing could happen into what happened is you get full eight minutes because I would go the full eighteen minutes. Arlo Guthrie Alice's restaurant forgot about that. It's not about prolonging your life. It's the song that you would want to be your exit song you're on final. Yvonne transition. I thought it was supposed to be humorous. It can't be humorous. You can you can have be fun. I don't think mine was humorous serious about. Well, no, Dave. And it was actually very funny and the Texas chain he said, I'm in love with the shape of you. Because that's a song. He did for car sang. Sort of my anthem. I know that's everytime. That's on comes on in our car. The kids like David song they sing along. So that's why I love this audience from wiz Khalifa, two eight one five happy trails, ROY Rogers, Dale Evans. That's a good one. That's a good one. Do you have Mary Vanderbilt song? Joe let me here. Again. Perfect. I don't die. Also, never happy. This is tremendous. I come to your service, sympathy for the devil. Are you gonna go see them married when they're here.

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