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The. In cloudy now linked to the New England patriots I'm Sierra goodwill here with Evan Lazar in just like Cam Newton. It seemed like a very far fetched idea that this would ever be possible because we know the Patriots were up against it when it came to the salary cap. Now we have some money. They have some space. Why does this make center white? Could this happen in? County could potentially come to New England now while it's just I offset. Offset this is all just internet rumor in hype at this point nothing from inside the organization at saying that cloudy is a real possibility, but with that being said this is sort of that perfect storm similar to Cam Newton. Where cloudy still on the market, there's clearly some pas about giving him a long term deal I, think both injury and the global pandemic are kind of combining into this perfect storm for cloudy where teams are reluctant to give out. Out Big money contracts with big term and big years on them right now, because of what's going on with the pandemic, unless you're the Kansas City chiefs, I guess that is, and then on top of that cloudy last year in Seattle, only three and a half three sacks. Excuse me for the seahawks a year ago, not exactly big pass. rusher statistics are big pass rusher production for him to cash out in free agency so now all the sudden cloudy. Cloudy is still without a team or a couple of weeks away training camp ESPN's John. Clayton is reporting that he opening or entertaining his mind to one of those one year, proven deals similarly to Cam Newton maybe in the eight to nine to ten million dollar range, so that eight to ten million dollar range it could be affordable for the Patriots now on an incentive laden deal you offer cloudy, six or seven million dollars, base salary and the offer. Incentives are escalators hits those from production standpoint. One of those very easy ones could be that sack total you know last year only has three say this year he's going to have three and a half, and we'll give him an extra two million bucks as a not likely to be earned incentive because he didn't do it last year, and it's a really easy number for cloudy to reach. The defensive end position is one that a lot of people have talked about for the Patriots lately as a potential area for trade targeted in addition. Do you think that clowning makes sense? Football lies for the Patriots Defense. I've really couldn't create in a lab. A better hybrid defense event for bill check into Damian cloudy He is explosive. He's athletic. He's fantastic against the run. That's really his calling card. He has developed not as quite as excitingly as people were expecting as a pass rusher. Rusher I think he's not that guy on the edge. You one on one against tackles is going to beat guys, but if you move around, you move his locations alignment around a little bit, you know inside against a guard, leaving him outside and running him in the scheme pressure like a game or a stunt, or pick player or something like that he can be an absolute terror on those types of plays the ways. The Patriots get guys free for pass rushing opportunities to rush the. The quarterback is exactly how cloudy can really affect the pass rusher or affect the quarterback in the similar way, so look at Houston tape was Romeo Cornell a similar defensive coordinator to Bill Belichick who has a history here in New England obviously, there's a lot of the same schemes that they're running in use a lot of the same blitz packages. A lot of the same games are stunts along the defensive line that cloudy did very very well in Houston. That would project extremely well here. Here in New England system as well so for cloudy. I think a one year deal with bill. Belichick is honestly a blessing in disguise. Completely reset his market. He'd really thrive here. And it gives versatility has the ability to play both on and off the of scrimmage with the hand in dirt or up in a two point stands inside outside. He's exactly what bill would want. In that type of edge rusher. The question is is. Does that price come down enough for this to happen? On for all of our new, England, Patriots Coverage. You can find it on our website. At CNS, media DOT COM in on our Youtube, channel at Patriots Press Pass. There is no shortage of action going on at our exclusive partner Bet, online sports are slowly making its way back with the UFC NASCAR and soccer leading the way, but online has all the best ogden lines for the upcoming matches this weekend. Need more that online has simulated NFL NBA, and UFC happening every day live for you to check out looking for something else other than sports, but online has hundreds of Live Casino, Games Poker tournaments, and all the best props in the business visit bet online dot ag, or use your mobile device. Enjoy now to receive your new welcome bonus in start playing today, but online were online sportsbook experts..

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