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This is WNYC, FN HD, in a.m., New York. Good morning, Ukraine's recent battlefield success has left the nation more determined than ever to win the war. It may also mean peace talks with Russia are less likely. So even the president zelensky reached some conclusion that maybe we should negotiate. I don't think he can do that anymore because of the conviction of the Ukrainian people. I'm Michael hill, it's morning edition from NPR and WNYC. Colorado will surrounded by states with abortion bans now a record number of patients are seeking care there, and New York officials look for ways to keep legal guns out of public places. It's Tuesday, October 18th. On this day in 1977, Yankees great Reggie Jackson hit three home runs on three pitches in a World Series game earning the nickname mister October. The news is next. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Windsor Johnston. Russian air strikes are targeting energy infrastructure across Ukraine for a second straight day, NPR's Nathan rott reports at least 6 people have been killed in the capital city Kyiv emit a series of ongoing drone attacks. Keith mayor vitali Klitschko says the strikes were aimed at electrical facilities and are part of a wider campaign by Russia he says to freeze Ukrainians during the coming winter. Similar strikes targeted energy infrastructure sites in other major regions and cities across the country. In northwest Ukraine was without water and power after a strike there. Other cities have suffered blackouts and Ukrainian officials are urging people in many parts of the country to conserve electricity and to stock up on water. Nathan rott and PR news Kyiv. President Biden will deliver another speech on abortion rights during an address to the Democratic National Committee today, just three weeks before election day, the president is expected to discuss the choice that voters face between Republicans who are pushing to ban the procedure nationwide and Democrats who support access to abortion. Georgia governor Brian Kemp faced off against Democrats, Stacey Abrams in the first debate of their long awaited election rematch last night. Sam greenglass of member station W ABE reports the candidates took to the stage four years after camp narrowly defeated Abrams. Overall, this debate was pretty substantive and at times kind of wonky. There was this one moment that got a little bit heated. The candidates, we're talking about a lot of camp signed allowing people to carry handguns without a permit. Well, there is a 32nd background check on every individual that buys a firearm in the United States. That is not true. Mister Kemp, if you purchase a weapon in Georgia through a number of other key races are on the ballot in Georgia, including one to fill a U.S. Senate seat. The Biden administration has officially launched the application process for its student debt cancellation program, but as NPR's diva shiver on reports opponents of the program have filed legal challenges. President Biden acknowledges that his plan to wipe out some or all federal student loan debt for millions of borrowers faces some legal challenges, but he says The White House doesn't think the ongoing litigation will get in the way. Biden criticized Republicans who have attacked the plan and said he won't apologize for helping working in middle class Americans recover from the pandemic. The White House says more than 40 million Americans could benefit from student debt forgiveness and more than 90% of them make less than $75,000 per year. Deep a shiver on NPR news, The White House. This is NPR. On doubly NYC in New York at 8 O four a good Tuesday morning, I'm Michael hill 49 and mostly cloudy out there. I can see the sun struggling to make an appearance. Flemish shower chances before midday, and then it should clear up and reach into the mid 50s. In the news, the New

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