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I think I can get to Napa in two hours. That means before she goes to her next event. She is scheduled at six o'clock to have FaceTime with us for Valentine's Day bef- like in between her two big events. And someone say Libya, let's face time right now. And we'll FaceTime from the location where she is. No the place because she and I went there on a good getaway once and so were surprised her and let her go do her thing. And then we'll hide out in her hotel room in the next. I'll take the kids out to take them to Napa to do stuff and to make this work every time I thought this was going to be easy. Something weird would happen. Like school's out for the kids. One of my my son's kid's mom said. Can I drop my son off with you? I wasn't prepared for takeoff. And I can you take the afternoon, then let me goes. Yeah. Sure. It's going to be easy. It's easy. This is four year olds or simple to take care of. Then I had to come up with a story for a Levy about that. And her brother suddenly surprises her and stays in Napa in this place. So I call them up. And I I think I need I need to place, and I get him another hotel rooms now paying to move them to another like nice hotel room. So he gets away for the day. And who knows what? But we're gonna pull that off. And then sorry, David. I'm going to end this with this this next exciting thing. I'm going to run a marathon from Texas. Do you know this? Are you the last person on earth who just looking at? Yeah. Go now endlessly, I want everybody to know this because I'm so psyched about it. I'm going to go to Texas. I'm going to run twenty six point two miles the equivalent of a real marathon. But I'm gonna do it on my own from Texas into Mexico. Once I get to Mexico, I got to airline to flights one that I hope to catch. The other one is a backup all book. The so I'm gonna get there. I'm going to check out this city, and then I'm gonna get on an airplane, go to Mexico City. And then I'm going to interview entrepreneurs in Mexico. Those guys would not come to me and do an interview here do it remotely. I'm going to go to them. And now I've got to entrepreneurs which believe me it was harder than getting hundred entrepreneurs on mixer from the US to entrepreneurs in Mexico City said yes, shoot interviews with them fly back, and then when do this and other continents two that's twenty nineteen. That's awesome. Let me know when you come to South America. I am going there next. I've got a partner for Chile who's helping me set up interviews over there. And so I was going to do a couple of countries I'm going to go there. But you're not there where are you medigene Columbia? So that's why I wanted to go. I was planning. He said to me Andrew clumpy has got. We've got really good. I think it was in Bogota. We've got sorry. We're happy is is a big big one with knows a couple of others who are still doing. Well, but I never heard of he said I could hook you up with them. And I thought going to go there. I'm going to go to Chile, and then I said, wait a minute. I want to do something, right? Instead of smashing too many things in and I don't get to experience it. But frankly, Columbia for me is someone who's never been. There is more interesting. Brazil is more interesting. Even Panama where I've got a layoff. Layovers more interesting than chilly because I've been too chilly, but entrepreneurship and Chile's really interesting they're paying they paid entrepreneurs to come there. They're really working on ecosystem. I wanted to how well it does. And I want to run a marathon there. Great. We'll we'll keep bookie following you. Then following I'll try to hook you up with some people in Latin America, I'd love it and the rest of the world.

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