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Eight flaws sean number four we're joined by barreled wake up golf you're just joining us we talk is wanted by the big shots bill vickery this week looming partial government shutdown the polish national security strategies be drought this week bob muller has a problem with his transition emails of acquisitions alabama protecting the hezbollah's the approach that up our present slamming of the suits of the fbi while praising the boots and lease a bloomberg attorney there was seeking a sixwicket payouts for the trump accusers and you get your lee william on any or all of those issues but coming up malady of moore's sexual harassment and impropriety bombshell accusations and cl one reporter luke rosiak of the daily caller is writing in reporting over the weekend thirty tweeted it out he said khan human resources scandals just getting started i had to anticipate we will see the resignation of more than a dozen house members over harassment and secret settlements and soon mike mark mark my words the house is going to be rocked in the coming seventy two hours ticktock took talk um so a dozen noted that would not surprised i think it would be on the low end of things are the first female member of our rauner canada for congress has been uh nabbed andrea ramsey she's running in kansas third district against the republican kevin yoder as she's dropping out a race over the kansas city star asked her about some um ike accusations against her in a two thousand five walser the cheese sexually harassed and retaliated against a males subordinate so she is now dropped out of the race so it's going now both ways and they congressman aruban key win democrat nevada over.

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