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On this best of day, we have finally unveiled their best of lists for 2020. And though this year has been absolutely One that will never forget for all of the wrong reasons. It's been an unusually great year for music and music for us, As I said before, is really it's what's gotten me through. And if it's what's gotten you through, Um, well, we've got it here for you. And I know it's one of the things that has gotten roll through role compass for you on KCRW. Boils Dia's roll campus here for KCRW as we bring 2020 to a close and what a difficult year it has been. But one of the good things that did come out was all the fantastic music that came out amazing albums. Such great singles and artists just putting out so much music. And as we Start to look back at some of our favorites for me. My best album of 2020 came out way back at the beginning, and it's the latest from tame Impala. The slow rush so many great singles. You know, we've been a big fan of Tame Impala and Kevin Parker pretty much since the beginning in the 10, plus years of Tame Impala. So we love the music, love. His evolution, love his growth and for me so many great songs that are featured on the album, and this was on the heels of headlining Coachella and a couple of sold out shows at the Fabulous Forum in Inglewood that happened just before the shutdown in March. So I was fortunate enough to be in the house and what a difference. 10 years makes from performing at smaller venues like the El Rey to selling out two nights at the Forum in Inglewood. But I'm going to play this song. Let's leave you with this one. That is My favorite of the album and me being a huge music junkie for dance tracks and dance, music and electronica. I love the fusion of rock and soul and funk into a lot of his tracks, including this one Is it true makes me sing. It makes me dance. It makes me smile, so hopefully it does that for you as we check it out right now. Tame Impala is a true from the slow rush. It's all good. Was coming. She just said, is true. True coming down again. I don't know something. Attention. Motion. She just said, is it? Sit down a second, okay? I'm here to Oh, God, I'm going Oh, don't go. There you go. They stay damage change that so every way beyond our dreams and more stars tonight life Well in other Milken time sold awesome flag. Every side of you went there again. You. Liver break a million times section Hold on. Yeah. Nice. Was real soon and thanks Family in a million can hot billion dollars off field. No, but wetsuit thing, will you Is accept. Outstanding. Do I wish you acting job? Good fortune, boo boy. Hold on, boy, you go. Something bags should never mention song. I'll wish you happiness, Joy..

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