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Today with roads and bridges cleared and inspected, powers back on for 99% of floridians and thousands who didn't evacuate have been rescued. Governor desantis says that he's amazed by the attitudes of floridians who lost everything. The folks that I've talked to in the shelters who were displaced, all they can talk about is how thankful they are for the effort of people. And they're not talking about their own misfortune. I thought that Moore would do that because it's such a devastating thing. They're just saying thank you 135,000 statewide remain in the dark, mostly in hard hit Lee county, the death toll is more than 130. Property insurance claims continue to mount in the wake of hurricane Ian in Florida. The latest numbers from the Florida office of insurance regulation says more than 375,000 were filed, as of yesterday, the total for estimated losses has reached more than 3 billion, which is already up from Wednesday's forecast, the state agency expects claims to continue to steadily rise as residents and businesses assess damages from the category four storm. I'm Lisa Taylor. That's insured losses uninsured losses from Ian could top 10 billion. Another psychologist tells the Parkland shooter jury that gunmen Nicholas Cruz is not mentally ill and knew exactly what he was doing. Mister Cruz does not have a neurocognitive and neuropsychological disorder. And I do not believe he meets the criteria any of the criteria for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. I saw a lot of antisocial personality disorder. Closing arguments are Tuesday, jurors deciding if Cruz gets life in prison or the death penalty for killing 17, with Florida's news, I'm Steve summers. Anthony was working a dead end job. Lala surviving, but I wasn't getting ahead anymore. A friend told him about my computer career. She's like, I'm already in the program. She's like, you'd be crazy if you don't do it. So I jumped right in and have not regretted it. Anthony did it all online. All you gotta do is have an Internet connection and you can do it

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