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Both sides. Republicans and Democrats will be weighing in On exactly what happened last night and kind of their thoughts and views from where they sit in and are contesting for the race. They'll tell us what they think. Leslie Marshall and Carol Markowitz among those who will be joining us at 5 P.m. today on Am 9 70 the answer. Where you can hear a second hour of Kevin McHale each day, But I also want to say thank you. To those of you that have been with us for the heart for Lebanon issue. We we Once again have missed the goal of the effort that we were putting forward and because of you, we're it 109% of the amount we were looking for to help those families in Lebanon, So thank you again if you didn't give w dot com Kevin McCullough. Glad to have you with us every single day. We normally take the kind of top news stories of the day and help you break them down in terms of what they mean and why they matter to you, and hopefully there's some redemptive element of How we can at least approach it and look at it A CZ. You know, If you listen to this show for any length of time over the last 20 something weeks it's been one of the darkest periods in our city. There's just no other way around it. People have been locked down there have been church is closed. You have had businesses that have supplied family their their their earnings for their entire life, and it's just wiped away. Because of the events of the day. And as we have gone through this, we've had a number of local pastors that have been on to talk about the impact of the lock down the impact of the the government's kind of plodding along in terms of what it's doing. We've heard from Urban and suburban pastors alike. Dr. David Ireland's been here Ryan Basil from emergence has been here, Jim Symbol a from Brooklyn tab. We've we've we've tried to encompass as much of the Thie the family in the tri state area here and wrap our arms around what is happening in the churches, but friends I know that personally, you get discouraged I hear from you regularly. And I know that my family struggles with the same thing. And it was one of the reasons why I was very pleased. Tio catch a sermon recently from Doug Becker, who happens to be the pastor of theology. For emergency church in New Jersey. Ryan Basil heard here Sunday afternoons on AM 5 70 the mission in New York. But it's ah pleasure to welcome Doug to Calvin McCullough radio for the first time. And we found out talking affair that we're old college buddies. So, Doug welcome. It's good to have you. It's good to be with you, Kevin. Um First of all, I want to compliment the church of your employment for having a pastor. It Of theology on staff and it before we get into the specifics of what you talked about recently, I just talk to me about because I'm fascinated by the stuff that emergency does. I really have a deep love and appreciation for Ryan. And for Steve, the founding pastors. But talk to me about why it's important for you as a congregation Tohave, a pastor that is examining things through the lens of theology. That's a great question. I often tell people that the job my job is the pastor of theology here is to figure out what a pastor of theology does. In some respect. All pastors are pastors of theology, meaning that we need to be constantly taking our cues from a measured examination of God's word. And a wise application of that toe life. And it in practice, however, that's often that's often difficult to do in the hustle and bustle of pastoral ministry. Now, obviously everything that our pastors do is kind of shot through with that. But But my task here is to be the guy who takes the time to reflect to examine cultural trends as well as things that important teaching initiatives in our church and to try to figure out what the best biblical way to say things is. My my job includes a lot of a lot of writing of a lot of reading school. I kind of get paid to read a lot of just meeting meeting with people and counseling people. Ah, answering questions and things like that, and bright. Yeah, well, and you guys have. Ah, and I'm familiar Not only with this from a personal firsthand experience, but I've known people that have been part of emergence since it started. And so I've And as I've looked at different church models and interacted with so many pastors on the air Doug it's been one of those things where the older I've gotten, and I'm starting to get to the stage of life where I refer to myself that way. Ah, somewhat unwillingly, but I I am doing it. The more I am appreciating. The fact that there are there are those in the body of Christ right now, even in local churches, even in this area that are saying we want to beam or intentional about all that God calls us, too, and not just, you know, kind of shoot from the hip, but make sure that if we're doing a sermon, Siri's that it's that it's accomplishing a goal of EXP OZ it ing scripture and getting to the deeper meaning or If we're addressing a cultural trend, it's from a thoroughly biblical viewpoint. And so it seems to me that those are all dynamic qualities that have to be ever pursued, and maybe never fully mastered. But that in that pursuit is where you get the rial. Kind of meat for the those that are going through that process with you. I'm just curious if you have a similar observation about the kind of necessity of that for the local church in the day in which we live this modern, you know 2020 America. Yeah, it's it's absolutely necessary. We, uh we live in a day when you know where there's a We're just bombarded by a lot of information, a lot of things claiming to be authoritative. And on and we really need to be careful because one of the challenges in this digital age in which we live is that we have access to a lot of information, but sometimes we're not so wise and evaluating that information and and as Christians, we have first obligation to the Lord..

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