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Slow. Lori. Remember? By the way, I was out at the mall of America night, having dinner with some friends and in the new front entrance of the mall where north and w Marriott by key. And Mary, I got valet parking. They've got a big fireplaces for Uber and lift drop off in any way. They've made this whole new entrance. There's a the new ATM store opened. Yes, right at that entrance. And then Zahra is on the other side. But when you walk in the door, Pepsi has they really want the install moments happening because I don't know how many teams are in the NFL, but they had these gigantic helmets of all lined up like in these vertical rollers. But of course, the first four you see Vikings. Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers Chicago com. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Right. When I was coming in and going out of people people loving them. Whoops, excuse define. Right. The photo. You know, I don't know how many little kids. I don't know if anyone has gotten their head stuck in these things because there's really not like they're vague. But they're not big for big people, but little kids could. It's only a matter of all the teams all everything. Hey, michelle. Proud sponsor. Helmet. Yes. I mean on the base of the helmet, so little a little branding. That's a little sports marketing happening out there at the mall of America. I'm okay with that. Yeah. I I went in and checked with our buddy Phil Mackey, and I said to him I said tell me your shows name again, he goes MAC in. I.

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