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And he actually asked me to join the ban Dan tour. Oh No way I would've yeah. I would've loved to have done that but I just a lot of other commitments at the time. Yeah of of course. Yeah Busy Guy and then at crossroads was right after that like you said what was it like riding parts for both your character Jack Butler. Who Was the devils guitar? Dr Player and Ralph Maggio's character because you didn't write both parts didn't you. Yes well raccoon did all the slide work right and I and I did that kind of like the playing dual stuff. Well that was that was nice. You know they had Ri- was scoring this film and he called Guitar Player and he said I need a hotshot guitar airplane. Who Do you got you know? They played them the attitude song over the phone and he goes. That's the guy so he called me up and came out to my house which was another stunner because I was a huge cooter fan at the time. Yeah Yeah it was amazing. And he gave me a copy of the script and he said you know we're trying to create this dual and he was working with some other people but it wasn't quite working because it was turning more into a jam and it needed more theater in it. You know it needed more theatrical dynamics and I'm that guy you know the ham I'm is cooking right here right and it was all laid out in the script you know it's like At this point Eugene does this and then Jack Butler does that and there's one line that said that you know Jack Butler ripped out with a riff that sounded like a freight train. It said that in the script so really. Yeah and I said Freight great train. What does what would Jack Butler sound? Like plan freight train on the guitar. So that's the launch Congo.

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