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Happy saint patrick's day broncos country can do things a little differently for this version of the broncos. Daily podcast going to let you hear the hour. That i did. Michael brennan ends up being about a half hour a little more than half hour When when's all boil down you take everything out of it. But i filled in for michael brown six seven that two little free agency special with it. Being the start of the league year broncos making a move a running back mike luna break it all down here And and give you some ronald darby with big alan joe joe joe joe specifically gals on vacation and then i talked to the voice of the broncos dave logan so Got all that volume but rather than talking twice. I'll just do the the first time. Where i think i did a pretty well so Here is me filling in for michael brown on our special broncos a free agent our and hope you enjoy here on the broncos daily podcast i will be at the broncos facility in a face to face the press conference for the first time i wanna say in in over a year right the last press conference i would have been at before. This was probably at the combine Before everything shut down with. But now i've been to the broncos facility and was getting tested there have been two obviously every one of their home games but didn't have any face to face press conferences tomorrow. The broncos are going to introduce ronald darby. The new cornerback. They signed to start on the left side at least when the year starts i suppose. They draft a cornerback. Maybe that player will at some point. Edge ronald darby. Darby might move to the right side but ronald darby than shelby harris. I believe will both be introduced tomorrow. The team set out a press release about the press conference. It will carry live on big allen show during football at four. That's when the press conference is scheduled to take place. I gotta do physicals and everything and then get their contracts signed. I suppose if justin simmons work out a new deal. Maybe he's part of the press conference. Maybe he gets his own press conference a day later if they can get that deal done. But the broncos have been steady in their moves but not really maybe any big splashes. I reported about a little more than an hour ago. Give or take a double check. The exact time stamp But the the broncos maybe even closer half hour The broncos running back mike boone. Who comes over from the. Vikings agree to a two year deal for just under four million bucks two point..

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