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Got a veteran old teacher would say if he or she is male or female who has some very interesting thoughts on changes that he or she is seen over the years that they directly relate to a couple of the things you're talking about a yes cities program so I'm going to share with the teacher shared with the the teacher says that's okay of course I just can't and it's a better teacher can't do anything to identify who the teacher is so I what I think if I had an interesting and I give it the big build up because he is thought provoking it again I don't know what I'm gonna do it but it won't be here in the first hour of the shelf let's move on quick quick pick up fall fortune cash contest takes the words four o'clock a little bit after five o'clock or a little bit after admit it you watch the World Series again as they did you yeah there he was a big she shoots up as well all I mean I'm watching Netflix I'd board but as I am not going to watch I'm not gonna watch you're such a weasel I knew you were going to watch well but you didn't know the underdog was when he went to turn the TV odd you didn't check your phone first all watching did in fact last night watching it was they did take the lead into the seventh inning which they scored eight hundred and fifty two runs is use the just reminded me of the cubs in that inning that the cut room where the cubs win what is the heat pump into the ball which is a poor guy keep images they body work yeah not the ball out away from ISIS a low end yeah and that all that get all hell blue look fell everybody blames at him in fact they gave up like nine thousand runs after that and they kept melting down and melting down the melting down I mean I think break would still throwing the ball down the right field at third base have a well fortune cash contest four o'clock a little after five o'clock a little bit after let's begin the program in the following fashion I'm going to make a brief comparison between what's going on with regard to impeachment Hey what's going on in the Menomonee falls school district you probably can't think of any similarity between the Menomonee falls school district in the said adding it's a duet with addictive and the way the Democrats are handling the impeachment process maybe you could evidently not well yeah I give you a few seconds so I base baby accord what if the if something occurred to you you clearly what a pop that off right stubbornness that well yeah that's right that's not right you that's not what I was thinking of that that's not right the stubbornness the unwillingness to just the whole no both of them are doing this with a bizarre process of secrecy the Democrats are conducting an inquiry we've never had an impeachment inquiry before that's not part of the process what we've had is impeachment at that hearing the few times their bed impeachments they've been to a relatively recent years at one hundred fifty years ago but there was an impeachment process for Clinton and Clinton was impeached there was an impeachment process for Nixon he wasn't in Peachtree was reside before the impeachment cut a car but the house Judiciary Committee voted articles of impeachment and recommended them to the full house so we have been down this path not a lot and the way it's done is you could set up hearings to look into whether or not the president should be impeached your conduct those hearings are conducted investigation and then your vote and it's done in public whether you agree with the impeachment or not everybody gets to see it but you do we get there you're right in a row like just give me give me nervous to bounce around would be doing in there getting my log ready can't you do that in a less frantic fashion I getting my log ready isn't that something supposed to be done prior to three PM traffic.

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