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Tim. As always have a great day, my friend. Appreciate it. Always an honor. There he is. Tim Volume Spectrum News. I'm Bo Thompson on W B T. We go to Wlbt News and Steve Count. So a flash flood watch posted for the Charlotte metro region this morning in advance have expected flooding from Hurricane Sally. The watch doesn't go into effect until tomorrow morning. At a M, but it will continue until Friday morning at a M. As for Sally, now the Alabama coast, making landfall this morning near Gulf Shores is a Category two still moving only two MPH. But there have been no upwards of 70 to 75 mile per hour wind gusts in mobile bay places like Gulf Shores, Pensacola. They're getting hammered, and we're still in that car near that first quadrant, which is usually the most powerful part of these hurricanes, But I will say the wind is really certain. Cat boxes. Actually, Strohmeyer reporting from the Mobile Alabama area band to the storm expected to dumped several inches of rain here in the Carolinas starting tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Teddy has intensified into a hurricane and his forecast to become a catastrophic category for So it's still far out at sea in the Atlantic. It could reach Bermuda this weekend, President Trump denying that he played down the threat of the Corona virus earlier this year. Well, I didn't downplay it. I actually in many ways, I, uh, plated in terms of action way did a very, very good job. When we put that ban on whether you call a talent or luck, it was very important. So we saved a lot of lives when we did, then referring to the travel ban from both China and later from Europe. That audio from last night's ABC News Town hall with.

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