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Is good looking meaning is straight out of a comic book marvel and star wars i guess star wars isn't a comic book it's a movie you get the idea though i've got their star wars kettlebells i have their han solo yoga mat ironman kettlebells you name it it's just littered across my gym because it makes the gym look fabulous now on it also sells functional foods like their tonka warrior bar which might kids love their hatch chile and coffee flavored warrior bar speaking of coffee the warrior bar is a buffalo meat bar fourteen grams of protein and something that's fueled the lakota so warriors for centuries and it's it's literally just pure prairie fed buffalo they threw little cranberries will spicy pepper blend in there and something that anybody who wants to stick in their pocket that's guilt free tastes fabulous can rely upon so on it is the name of the company oh an it you save ten percent off of anything when you go to ben greenfield finis dot com slash on it that's ben greenfield fitness dot com slash o n n i t in this episode of the ben roof of finish show i think what matters is that in supplements where you are using your own brain power from your own base of knowledge to say what should be in that supplement versus finding things in nature that are naturally rich in the nutrients that you need that you have thousands of years of tradition of using for specific purposes behind it i think you are running the risk of knowing more than you think you do use an expert on human performance nutricia.

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