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I'm Laurie Brooks. It's obvious there's a growing problem these days with fake service dogs, especially ESD's, those are the emotional support dogs that are out there. 19 states have now enacted laws cracking down on people who try to pass off their pets as service animals and Massachusetts might be added to that list soon as they are considering a similar law. But the toughest of the anti fake service dog law is already in existence. You'll find that in California, where the maximum penalty is a $1000 fine and up to 6 months in jail. The Americans with disabilities act, you've heard of that. It requires all places that are open to the public to give access to service dogs and their owners. And the ADA permits those locations to ask only two questions of the owners. One, whether the dog is required because of a disability, and the second question is, what tasks does the dog perform? Well, it's actually, did you know this illegal for them to request documentation for the dog or to ask about the nature of the owner's disability? I get that part, but I don't know why you can't ask to see certification. Probably because there are so many now that really aren't the registries or the certifying agencies that they are expected to be. But the crux of the issue is the growing use of emotional support dogs ESD's, which are intended to provide comfort to those who have anxiety and other, sometimes hard to diagnose emotional problems. Some of them may have received special training, although experts say the training for ESD's is nowhere near as rigorous as the training for service dogs who are trained for years to help the blind death in those with certain medical conditions. By the way, emotional support dogs are not covered under the Americans with disabilities act and can legally be denied access to public places. Yeah, I didn't know that either. So something to be aware of if you have faked dogs papers before. A service animal is trained for literally thousands of hours and many years to be in public places in non reactive. In fact, you should hardly even know that a service animal is there. And technically, when you say service animal, that means only that covers only dogs and miniature horses. And those service animals have, well, there have actually been documented cases of those legitimate service animals, mostly dogs, being attacked by untrained emotional support dogs. Besides bad behavior, though, another way to tell the difference between a real and highly trained service dog is, and this is according to trainers, owners of real service dogs they say do not carry them in shopping carts or purses. And that is not an inflammatory remark. The rule is for on the floor. And what that means is all four feet on the ground at all times when a dog is performing a task, requested by the handler. But more and more Americans are in favor of a national certified program and registry for legitimately trained service dogs. They say this problem will not stop until that happens. I'm Lori Brooks. Get more breaking animal news any time at animal radio dot com. This has been an animal radio news update. Get more at animal radio dot com. Hi. This is park overall. I am the thrill of the best animal radio. Play. Stay in new to your animals. Please. Check out animal radio highlights, all the good stuff without the blah blah blah. Browse on over to animal radio pet. This portion of animal radio is underwritten by fear free. Fear free takes the pet out of petrified and puts the treat into treatment to learn more and find a certified beer free veterinary professional near you. Visit fear free pets dot com. It's animal radio. Celebrating the connection with our pets. We'll head back to those phones in just a couple of seconds for your calls for doctor Debbie and Joey vellani. And we are about, oh, I'm going to say a little over an hour away from Eric Burdon of the animals. Joining us. And what is he doing? What does have to do with animals? You'll just have to stick around and wait to find out. But right now, we welcome to the airwave Steve Dale. And I must admit, we both have radio shows, and when we get together, it must be pretty important what we want to talk about here. And it is, of course, very important today. It is the fear free movement, which we've talked about for many years, the fear of free movement, having to do with making veterinary visits easier for your pet. So that they like going to the vet. But now there's fear free, happy homes too. So there's ways to make your home a fear free home too. And I'll tell you a little more about that in just a couple of minutes. Steve, welcome to the show. It's great to be here. Thank you so much. So when did you first hear about fear free? Well, before I had its name, fear free myself and a lot of the veterinary behaviors. In fact, all of the I would daresay all of the veterinary behaviorists and great veterinarian named Sophia yin, doctor RK Anderson. And many, many other people were practicing what you were talking about, but it did not have the marketing term for free. And the brilliant Marty Becker came up to me, doctor Becker at one of the veterinary conferences and said, I have an idea just like that. Did you know at that time that his idea was that he was really onto something? Yes, because I did instantly get it. In fact, I'm not even sure I let all the words just fall out of his mouth. Before I interrupted and said, I get it because I've been talking about this sort of thing for a very long time. What doctor Bekker, however, did was encompass the sorts of things I'm talking about with even the architecture of exam rooms and veterinary clinics with the latest research that's out there as to even what colors pets may prefer. The idea playing classical music in the clinic and all that sort of thing. You know what though fear free the concept really begins in home. So I'm so glad that he began this notion of fear free, happy homes. If the cat, let's take a cat because that's an easier example. The carrier comes out and where is your cat? He's running. He saw you with the carrier. He's out of there. Yeah. I mean, even if they do build that wall to Mexico, the cat's going to climb over it. The cats out of here,

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