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Influencer Chiara Ferragni has become the new global ambassador for Swiss luxury watchmaker who blow joining soccer legend Pele tennis star Novak Djokovic, among others. Sotheby's has won the right to sell the Macklowe collection, one of the largest art collections on the market and featuring works by Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and Mark Rothko. The court ordered sale of the art trove is expected to take in more than $600 million. It was prompted by the acrimonious divorce of New York real estate billionaire Harry Macklowe and his now estranged wife, Linda. Blackstone is again looking to sell the cosmopolitan of Las Vegas resorts this time and an asking price of $5 billion or more. According to people familiar with the matter. Apollo Global management is exploring an offer. Another potential partner as property manager is MTM resorts. International Spokespeople for Blackstone, Apollo and MGM all declined to comment. Busy. Bloomberg pursuits dot com For more I'm Andrew wrote Bloomberg Radio. Greg Sauder is president of W G. I, which provides engineering solutions for public infrastructure and real estate development projects. He's also on the board of Overseers for New Jersey Institute of Technology and sees firsthand the intense demand by companies to hire graduates become almost cliche to say, But a large percentage of the jobs required in the not too distant future have not even been identified yet. What That means is we need graduates with problem solving skills and an understanding of technology, technological dexterity to be the leaders and innovators of the future and J. It is rising to that challenge. It's not just about the engineering and the science, but it's also about the application of those problem solving understanding how to apply is something that NJ it is outstanding, and that's one of the reasons that their student body that their graduates are sought after NJ New Jersey Institute of Technology Learn MORE AT HGTV dot e d U Burden LLP, Accountants and advisors presents tax chat with Mayor mints partner and co leader of Burdens real estate process, Whether it's because of the covid 19 pandemic or not, it is essential for anyone negotiating a deal to understand the underlying economic assumptions and the current market from buying or selling assets, forming a joint venture..

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