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Just yet though eastbound coast to coast you're fine parkway turnpike to ninety five all looking good traffic right fifteen minutes your next report at eight OO three young New Jersey one a one point five finance weather looks like we're cooling off by the weekend but briefly milder through the end of the week some clearing it take place tonight still can't rule out some drizzle and fog in a few spots a low in the mid thirties sunshine to start Thursday offensive evening showers though highs you're fifty and a chance of rain showers on Friday with highs near sixty over the weekend a storm system moving in is going to be some rain and maybe some wet snow in northwest Jersey especially highs around fifty I'm meteorologist mark seven oh forty four degrees in New York forty six degrees a garbage Jim forty degrees in Hopewell fast driving instead whether every fifteen minutes on New Jersey or one on one with the trouble is one eight hundred two eight three one oh one point five thanksgiving is coming up and the kids will be off Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday half day on Wednesday they'll be lots of food they'll be lots of fun to be lots of family they'll be lots of football should there be any homework we are number three in the nation when it comes to thanksgiving homework three Frank arose storylines a one a one five dot com there's something fundamentally wrong with that there we cannot even give our kids a four day break from homework to enjoy a Turkey dinner with macaroni on the table riches in short hills on New Jersey one one point five a Rick Hey Dillon good how are you you know I have to I have to disagree with you you know I spent forty years in corporate America right and leave me I.

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