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Well so how do you do because i know most people in this town where neither one of us are from here they seemed first of all to desert really wasn't built for the sort of drainage as as as its shows every when nine minutes into yeah how how do you do with the knucklehead drivers in los angeles i was frustrated this morning i couldn't believe how slowly people were going when there wasn't anyone in front of that though center get off the canned dry nuts i don't understand panic what was happening i understand there is a real problem when it rains in california 'cause topography is so you know dry shallow but you know what we're on the highway it's fine you know this is keep going keep going i mean i'm like people i couldn't believe it i'm from michigan we have snow storms and rain all the time and you just put your windshield wipers on in your lights and new and you go and your carefully go so it is frustrating so while we need the rain i like get to ender i'll sit inside reading books i read a lot of books brain tell tell us please about the book reading right now is that funny always forget i'm actually reading life with my father i think that's called rod sterling and serlin wrote it and i think it was written in two thousand thirteen but i just came across it sounds very familiar and it is so so good i'm such a dolt that i did not know i mean i can't believe it i didn't know he created the twilight zone for some reason i just thought always an actor who narrate it just totally ignorant i'm a huge twilight zone fan of watching them i just don't you know obviously i didn't know the real story but he he wrote these most of them oh no we're they have such a conscience and they're so tender and wonderful spooky and human human they really are and he was doing things before anyone else did and having black actors and really.

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