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Hello there. Mark Robins World Series game. Four goes to the Boston Red Sox nine six thanks to a late game explosion. As the SOX scored nine runs in the game's final boss. The leads the World Series three one over the dodgers. Here's LA manager. Dave Roberts who understands what comes next for his bunch. It's a tough loss. I mean any any loss in the World Series? It's difficult, obviously. But now in a situation where we do or die to their credit. They fought back. One a baseball game. So now, it's kind of we just got a bore next and try to win baseball game. And then it's one day at a time. Game five of the World Series coverage on ESPN radio and the ESPN app begins live seven pm eastern on Sunday. Several top twenty five teams were upset on Saturday. The twelfth rank Kentucky Wildcats not among the disappointed. Carey wilson. True. I didn't need a single. Missouri is absolutely Don you donate a signal that call from J M I sports network is the Wildcats beat Missouri. Fifteen fourteen we wanna talk you wanna talk five upsets. Here we go. The most recent one coming from the desert in Tucson Saturday night. Arizona knocks off number nineteen Oregon ducks also have Washington is.

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