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Lay the foundation, and then you have different forms protests like Colin. Kaepernick taking a knee. So. Many people politicize that you know. They made it more about the military or the disrespectful to the flag than they did actual issue. which same issue that we're talking about here two years later. When we raise the fist. You know that was an issue. When we sat at lunch counters. That was an issue, so we sit him. We talk about what's. Appropriate what's not appropriate? The only people that are uncomfortable of those that are in the majority when those majority are pushed in product that's where the violence comes in I've never seen it. Lesbian Gay community protests that turned out into looting I've never seen a women's right movement and approach into looting and violence. Never minds are forty three years of living, but every single time there's an issue about race. It always turns violent, or it's portrayed to turn violent, and that's simply because there's a lot of hurt in these communities, and until America White. America wants to address that hurt. Sweeping on a rug, say all slavery was so long ago, or you know civil rights. Movement was so long ago. It really was you know. We're still in the civil rights movement. You Know Michael J. Set best in the Sando comedy you know like we've had so many different movements like the civil rights movement. We just want people to be treated us like civilians you know, and now here we are talking about black lives matter. And then people politicize that and turn it into all lives, matter and blue lives matter dog live. mattering cat lies better well You know like you said in stand up. Is the equivalent of your wife I'm home. Do you love me and? Your responses. I love all people you know. brought. Couch once. You say something like that. But that's that's the equivalent of what happens when you turn something that's supposed to have a meaning behind them politicizing. It's it's so true. It's so true well, Titus! Thank you so much. I want you to know that we're all rooting for you and we better see on Sp. stage holding up that award because in my eyes, there's no better being that deserves it, but before we wrap up, I mean because I'm going to be a new mom. Embrace going to be a mom of two, which by the way she's freaking out. Do you have any daddy advice for US Alabama I'm very scared. I think is very natural for anybody to be scared. You know the first thing. I always pray for my son's. Healthy. Babies because I've seen so many people around me to have had. Children that have had issues, disabilities or whatever. The best advice that I can say this level. You know love, those kids, man and You know they will I mean my son's they I I love them every time I come home. It's like whenever to in four. It's always a big embrace, but they're not afraid. They never have been afraid of getting the painting because I just I don't feel like I need to do that. They're Buddha's fears to disappoint me. You know and my biggest spirits conspiracy disappoint them. That's why Kerry myself the way that I do this Dr Stay out of certain situations and so does. Live a life for them, and not through them. You know some you get some people that want to force their kids to play sports play sports, or they want to force the kids to be an attorney. W superstar because they did let them be who they are just love them. Love them through the good lovin through the bat, and on the other side of it Manic Brio have two beautiful human beings to share the world with and. Eighty finally how that I, a human being that you'll be able to put out into the world. I'm excited about both of you. I know they're going to be smallest but AKI S. Are Baby has a bigger closet than artem. I just can't help it. Nicole good I know it's bad, but. I'M GONNA sprinkle lot of love and disciplined with that. Don't worry. Discipline exactly they. They're grateful for it as they get older, they I feel like. They crave boundaries. They crave the rules we all know. Their user structures, owners and we all need this. Definitely agree and it's. It's been fun to watch your boys grow because I remember the first time I met him, they were so little back stage, and now I see them on Instagram I'm like no way. It's crazy. It blows. They are beautiful. They both should be modeled borough. Such sweet, sweet man, you have such sweet boy did a good job and thank you for just being so brave and courageous in using your voice. You have been a role model to so many people, but also to Nicole nine. That's why we really wanted to on our podcast. Because we've been learning a lot from you and you've given us a lot of courage in, so thank you for that and our moms you by the way so you know. You are more. Isn't. She was like you. Guys are having titus in your podcast. Yes, she mentioned it to me. I my mom is like you're brought up every few days. So Johnny Watch out. Tom Talks made us alive. or Go, you got a couple more months than you guys both will be bombs and mom again, so the best of luck with that, and I, know will be spoiled as they also they much I can. Probably. Stop all ready. All right. Thank you so much. This week Bella brains hosted by my Hubby wwe superstar Daniel Bryan. Thank you be glad to be back for another edition of Bella brains,.

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