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If you don't get any ownership I'll get a return on your investment. But you should feel good because you've just invested and you've made sure that people at the tippy tippy tippy tippy top didn't Get away with anything. Speaking of which This with Warren was on CNBC, which is owned by Left wing organization. But there's a guy named Joe Karenin. Who's a free market guy. And he had a pretty interesting exchange with her. They got that got kind of. Well, kind. Interesting. Okay. Once, then we are actually deciding that maybe they've made Enough to a certain point is the wealth tax. They were debating the wealth tax. And she wants to put a well text on those of the tippy tippy tippy tippy top and the wealth tax would tax them every year there network every single year. Okay. Once then we are actually deciding that maybe they've made enough to a certain point where they don't need all that. Now there with the 1st 2nd if you're going to do 2% on 50 million And then when you get up to a billion, and you're going to do 3% if we've made if we've crossed the Rubicon and said, You have more money than you can ever spend and you don't need it, and you need to help out the rest of it. Why not make it truly progressive and do 10% at a billion? Do 20% at 10 billion? Why? Why not do it That way? Once you get started and raise some real money, what would be the problem? Why would days those 23% when some poor Schmo it at only $50 million.2 percent? So look, um you know, I'm just a girl from Oklahoma. I think $3 Trillion actually sounds like a lot of money and raising $3 trillion that we can reinvest in our economy for just a minute. Can we talk about what? That two cents three cents would be. It's not punitive on those at the top, they could still grow their fortunes. Here's the thing. It's enough for universal child care. It's enough for universal pre K. It's enough to make sure that every baby in this country has good care and raise the wages of every child care worker increase there. You didn't America The answer may make it 10 times is good. Civil question. If if that's a 2% wanna make it, 10 might not make it 29 30. It's all about. They don't need it. Right. You're the ones who determine who needs what Erica did answer may make it 10 times is good. Make it if you're going to decide that some people have Too much. And 50 million is too much. And you see this looks to me like we're changing the rules of the game. By the way During this whole debate, I kept waiting for the gentleman to say, Are you aware of how much in terms of federal income tax is the tippy tippy top pay? He never said that. 1% pay almost 40% of all the federal income tax is in this country. And these are people making over $300,000 more $350,000 more roughly running there. That 1% pays almost 40% of the federal income taxes while taking in between 15 and 20% of the nation's income. Now the question is, what is the purpose of taxes? Get it to fund the essential Duties, responsibilities of government, or is it to punish people at the top to make it more fair? Is that the objective that go back centuries for if you've paid your taxes on the way in and a crew this and a lot of these people would rather do really good things with the money then they don't think the government doesn't well, so you know, that's another issue that I'm hearing from a lot of people that they want to give it to. Harlem. You know, Harlem fire the things that they do what, but go back to the original thing. Why not? This is a guy named Joe Kernen, CNBC and he's debating Elizabeth Warren over the wealth tax. Get 5% or 10% on people that are really loaded. Okay, I'm loving this morning. I cannot believe that. I've gotten you to say that we should tax the rich, more chill. You see how she didn't even understand the points. He wasn't he was making. I can't believe okay. Okay, well, fine, I'll tack 7 30%. What he was saying is, If your argument is that people have so much that they have more than they need to live on, Then you can tax them even higher. Why not? 90% 99% hurting me hurting me saying this moment, But do you remember? This is just like we do on real estate taxes we say convicted she is I'll convince you might be, they'll see. Come out of school with a degree in economics. We're going to take this from you, because we just know it. This person over here deserves it. And you don't It's not offensive to you. I thought you guys were all upset about coming here with one touch calling to tell you what you do with your life, will you? If you're thinking of replacing your carpets due to pet stains and odors, you must try Genesis. 9 50. The reviews are amazing is this is one product that actually works with water. It breaks down the bonds of stains and odors, so they're gone for good. Its antibacterial component removes pet odors from carpet and padding. It could be used in.

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