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A net chewed his mother podcast in never day. Do not be ashamed to have French fringe have cream missed in between, you know. Welcoming niche view Joe recognize that song. Yes. I don't know if you're too young. It's Tober baby. We're here we're buying pumpkin themed food. Or wearing cardigans 's we're going to on it houses. And as we're having fun. It's the fall baby. Welcome to natch Butte. I am so excited to have my guests here today, she is of a writer fashion alchemist, and which and she has a book out that everybody's going to want to buy. It's called inner witch a modern guy to the ancient craft. She's got columns. She's got wisdom have so much to discuss Gabriella. Her stick welcomed natch. I'm so excited. I've been trying to get you in here for months so perfect October is my favorite month. So her affect I'm so excited. What is Tober mean to you? So actually like in a lot of different traditions of witchcraft and Neo pagan religions Halloween is the new year, and it's like the most important holiday of the year, son Stalin, and for me, I just like fucking love dressing up..

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