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What are its anymore? And I'm able to live a comfortable life. A better life. It was because of optimal tax for attacks help you, Khun Trust call Optima now for a free consultation. Take it from Louis. If you are don't wanna give up their attacks a call They can't help you. Call 803 43 64 sixty eight hundred three for 3 64 sixty eight hundred three for 3 64 60. Optima tax relief testimonial from an actual client. Some restrictions apply for complete details. Please visit Optima tax relief dot com. Police in Chicago say one person was killed, six wounded in what appears to be a targeted shooting at a restaurant. Two cops, meanwhile, were shot and wounded in a separate incident. Two Chicago police officers were shot early Sunday morning in the city's Garfield Park neighborhood. A third person was also wounded. The city's police superintendent, David Brown says both officers were part of a specialized task force. Both officers are said to be in stable condition and the third person is in the hospital in critical condition. The tributes continue to pour in for actor Chadwick Bose when his death last week from colon cancer at the age of 43, renewing a conversation about a deadly disease that disproportionately affects black men. And it's also bringing attention to the signs and symptoms that anybody who Is worried should be on the lookout for maybe some bio biological factors. Dr. Timothy Cannon is an oncologist that knows these statistics. Well, I think there's just so much information that we need to get out there and really Help help avoid the situation we saw with channel Bozeman. Doctor Cannon says that starts with paying attention to symptoms, including changing bowel habits, bleeding, abdominal pain and unintended weight loss. These signs are important because younger patients with colorectal cancer tend to be diagnosed at a more advanced stage. That's a B C's Alex Parrish. Hey. California now has more than 700,000 confirmed cases of covert 19. This's ABC news, balance of Nature Changing the world One life at a time I've been on so long now that I just enjoy the fact that the only thing I haven't done has gotten sick. I haven't been sick in 23 years. Period in the story, you know, I just I haven't and I got attribute that to the fruits and veggies, balance of nature is now offering 35% off on any new preferred order. Go to balance of nature dot com today and use discount code fruits. Area. Alden Arabize, You are not your diagnosis and vision. Lost is not to find you your drive to find you. And we're here to let those challenged with blinding retinal diseases know that we are driven to to be a beacon, a strength a champion of courage and advocate for hope, and we are stronger together..

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