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Sixty two degrees in Boston top stories. Now, the man continuing in Marshfield, that's where police are searching for an armed and dangerous man in connection to a homicide in that town last night prompted the lockdown of residents there. We'll continue to follow this story throughout the day. Bring you the latest on the ongoing search here the Merrimack valley the plan purging of the Columbia gas system postponed today because of the wet weather crews were going to remove any gas still remaining in the system so pipes could be safely replaced and eleven days after a baby girl died at a Watertown daycare that facility is shut down after the state found regulatory violations that warranted emergency actions. Other news Pennsylvania lawmakers today expected to vote on sweeping legislation giving child sex abuse victims more time to seek Justice for crimes committed against them. August grand jury report detailed decades of abuse and cover ups by more than three hundred priests in that state at the time only two cases in the report led to criminal charges CBS correspondent Nicki Batiste. With more survivors fight to change the laws here in Pennsylvania gains momentum after last month's landmark grand jury report and a child sex abuse in the Catholic church almost all of those cases are now too old for civil or criminal charges and bipartisan legislators wants to change that judgment day is upon us. And this. Well. Victims. Call.

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