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With a couple of walk Those those who walks in the fourth there by by miss those three about Execute the fishes that I wanted to there so Learn from. Better Right there Rockies go for the, series this afternoon airman Marquez. Against Chris Archer we'll have coverage, Rockies on deck starting at twelve thirty on KOA and we'll talk with. Our Rockies insider Tracy Ringo's. Be at seven eleven on. Colorado's morning news our Broncos training camp update is brought to us by PDC energy producing oil and natural gas responsibly and. Supporting local communities the depth chart. Is out there some young players with some prominent. Spots Bradley Chubb the fifth overall. Pick the Broncos first round selection is listed as a starter. At outside linebacker. Opposite von Miller other draft picks who were second team IRS include running, back Royce, Freeman wide, receivers Cortlandt Sutton and DeJean Hamilton linebacker Josie jewel. And offensive. Lineman Sam Jones who right now is listed as. The backup, center of course Jake but didn't. Play last year but the tight end at Michigan is listed as number two behind Jeff Hier men. Head coach, Vance Joseph said. Hold your horses don't. Get too excited that's part of the. League's league mandated so Oh for us as a starting point it means nothing right. Now we've had one scrimmage? And seven practices so we'll get through, preseason and see where we. Stand with the depth short is, going to change probably fifty more times hopefully right I mean we don't. Want to stay where we. Are we've got major competition. And a lot of areas and a lot of areas here so it's a change some Broncos opened the preseason schedule this. Saturday against the Vikings coverage of. That game starts at four kickoff at seven oh. Five we're getting some early indication. About the Christmas day schedule in the NBA it'll come out. Later today but. Early reports have LeBron and the Lakers facing the warriors on the road, Boston and, Philly will, go at it Utah will host Portland the Knicks. Will host. Milwaukee in Oklahoma City will visit the Houston Rockets. Who are, poised to sign Carmelo Anthony sports. At fifteen and forty five on KOA NewsRadio the home of the Broncos buffs in Rockies Dave Logan. Here to, ask you how..

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