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Believe the storm will weaken slightly to is still dangerous category too by the time it reaches the sunshine state Sunday the stress surrounding holiday shopping that doesn't amount to the stress of shopping for school supplies according to a third of back to school shoppers in a nationwide survey Asian parents in New Jersey admit they dread this time of year once they get to school each teacher has additional supplies that you have to then run out with nothing left on the shelves and try and obtain everything else that's on the new list in this survey a quarter of respondents said back to school shopping is actually done some damage their relationship with their child someone left to onion bags each with a kitten inside a whole foods store in Metuchen and it may not be the first time this has happened friends of the Edison animal shelter right on their Facebook page of the woman walked into the store let the kids inside then walked away the baby felines name Bermuda and Vitalia by the shelter staffer doing okay the interim manager says the eight eight Michael pair will go up for adoption in the next seven days but she says this is the fourth time the same woman has done this in the past year including ones at a petsmart which she was captured in the act on surveillance video but her face was covered the math tutor in Plainsboro charged in July for inappropriately touching a fifteen year old student has also been charged with criminal conduct involving three additional victims authorities in April nineteen ninety nine sixty five year olds to rest for awhile of east Windsor touched a child between so since seven years old during a tutoring session at his home and then in may and July of this year real wall inappropriately touching eleven year old on multiple occasions I knew Rutgers Eagleton FTU poll finds most New Jersey and do not perceive any segregation in their schools the eagle simple director Ashley calling says in their poll results eighty three percent of their school have occurred mixture of reasons but by the same token we asked about what the actual mixture in their local school district is thirty percent that that they're mostly white another forty nine percent say their schools have a variety of ethnic groups the cloning adds research shows Jersey has the sixth highest level of segregation of black students and the seventh highest level for Latin American students rain chances around ramping up for the afternoon the complete New Jersey one one point five forecast is coming up New Jersey fast traffic in one minute New Jersey won a one point five which is building a better bank look like it starts with building Capital One cafes warm inviting places they feel nothing like a typical bank where you can open an account with no fees or minimums in five minutes and you'll.

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