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About two trillion dollar stimulus to fix roads and bridges something that states should be doing themselves, and what about the moral hazard argument. The more state and local authorities recognized at the failure going to step in and fix their infrastructure that they have not maintained. The less likely. It is that they're going to maintain it. And I don't see any evidence that Obama so call stimulus worked. We've talked about the new deal. Leo hainian. The UCLA we have on the show frequently probably done more work on the impact of the new deal than any other communists and said the new deal deepen and lengthen a severe recession turning into a great depression. And now we have Schumer and Trump talking about a two trillion dollar stimulus. That's that's twice. What Trump was talking about before? He talked about one trillion dollars. And now we're talking about two trillion. It's absurd. I'll be talking about that later on triple eight nine seven one S A G E triple eight nine seven one seven two four three Ron is in Dallas, Texas. Ron you're on the Larry elder show. Thank you for calling great show. Love your show. Thank you. I heard you talking about bending children of parents who are prison to to a cab or something. But what concerns me is how in the world. Are we separating children from their parents? What criteria is that? Right. Well, we can't separate them on the border. Right. So here we are separating them here in America. Well, the parents committed a crime, and when you commit a crime, you go to jail, and they don't put your children in jail with you. So so you're absolutely right. Ron we are separating children from their parents. Oh my goodness. All the humanity. Ron thank you very much. Hope you're gonna make a donation angel tree camp. Comma, Harris said the president is not trying to make America great. He's trying to make America hate this guy in the White House said Neo Nazis were fine people when they marched on Charlottesville. He's attacked communities of color and leaders of color by name. He's denigrated entire countries on the continent of Africa with.

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