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Hotels dot com built up so yeah yeah one more I'm going to Vegas in October so I want to have a night to be a good place hello we are your left are you doing a ghost hunt in Vegas yeah I'm actually I'm going to Zak Bagans yeah and so haunted museum while I'm there but I'm actually going to see a comedian can the name Sebastian mantis Galco yeah yeah yeah yeah actually tipped me off on him I love all my gosh she's amazing so funny yeah so funny he's not a fan that's not true Stephen sneezing now okay I just don't know if I could do a middle full show I like coming doses got it I think what we need to make it but I've never seen it's full special so maybe I'm wrong so good there on Netflix will love it what it would stave any social media maze tonight this then I'll yeah we gonna check that out I will be great yeah he will be great okay this concludes the US travel talk thank you for the coffee no big news but we got big questions yeah the the coffee is black where's the creamer we're not a fan of that yes we are and where she met she's coming back so she's fired I don't know I guess you didn't order coffee right no I don't wanna over burden Hannah three cups of done before yeah I did it once do not not a positive experience coffee is hot don't we Martha's Donna you leaving now yes okay bye so much I that great if not today but I don't know our all star help in our first hour to get started out just right coats plus you don't have a wonderful day don all right when we come back Taylor swift was on CBS Sunday morning yesterday she said a couple of things that I kind of want to get your opinion on okay my top one of seven one with the K. entertainment if you don't know PPC if you don't know SCO if you don't know O. T. T. if you don't know targeted display social media management website developed email mark you don't have to all you need to know is how bird interactive Hubbard interactive is a locally owned and operated digital agency that knows all of that Hubbard boasts a team of one hundred employees to help you with the digital marketing your business day but may not understand or have time to execute hundred employees designers videographers developers social media strategists project managers PPC and SCO experts and brand strategist Hubbard interactive is a Google premier partner only three percent of digital agencies carry that designation Hubbard interactive is one of only one percent of agencies worldwide that have a direct.

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