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Is retirement age, the wrong goal by Craig Stevens of retire before dad dot com. I named this blog based on a goal I set back in two thousand two to retire at age fifty five one year before the age, my dad retired the objective drives, many of my financial decisions it has all the markings of a smart goal specific measurable, achievable relevant and time bound, but now that I'm older and think more critically about money and family. I have started to question whether retirement age is the right goal several factors have led me to rethink the logic seventeen years later retirement, define I've always thought of my goal in terms of traditional retirement, that is to withdraw from active working life. The day. My dad retired was the last day he ever earned money from job. You could say he's my retirement role model sometime before I turned fifty six I'll stop working forever to. That's still the current plan, at least, but the word retirement can be interpreted in other ways one can retire from career, but not stop working for money. For example, an NFL star that retires from play. It becomes a commentator. I could declare myself retired from my career at age fifty five or any age really whether I'm fully prepared to retire or not, then keep working on something else that I'm more passionate about during a living, even though I wouldn't need the money since I already retired. I say this ingest. If you read a lot of early retirement blogs, this may sound familiar at this stage, in my savings journey, I expect to exit fulltime work at or before age fifty five, especially the kind of work that involves a commute or firm weekly time commitment, but I do enjoy entrepreneurial work when it's at my own pace, and I may want to continue that kind of work in semi retirement, perhaps, before age fifty five or after since I have a business now this is more likely than it was a decade ago. Then again, I'm not all that ambition. When I have enough money laziness might kick in a better retirement goal may be to retire when I'm good and ready.

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