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Jessica because relationship i want listen to a clip it to you from the podcast okay thebe yup serious question which nicholas cage which eubound who like family man nicholas cage prisoners own a nickel ghost writer exclusively ellawela just kidding just kenny there are very few movies that i've walked out on ghost writer was one of the fun please me out of here i mean what about like khan air great movie pushed back in the box i me with the long hair like he had a we then before was a cool for white deeds to where we here we it was a we what do you call it extensions that's just like were why people say like separated from mike we've as black culture and extensions is why people is like no you wear oh yeah he had like a mullah yes so natural it's really good relive greatest moment to bug has history discussion of other nicholas cage whereas mullet we've oh man from toto queensboro gas hosted by jessica williams and my guest right now stand of comic phoebe robinson not to be cynical but sometimes the cynical view of of comedian podcasts is old they're going to put out a podcast get us to go see their dates will put more flq and jessica you guys were trying to reach an audience yeah i mean you know i in so many people who have done the podcast like michelle bhutto and their lawn and john early there's like all these real inam yet paraga all these really phenomenal standup comic them nino stand up an improv is both very predominantly white straight male and i was like there's so many of my friends who are just motley i'm funny but like so me and my friends are like funnier than me mirror brilliant amazing in they should have this platform and you know jessica knife out when we started the podcast that were like if we're just gonna do another car.

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