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We need to talk about really quick the gigli puff which was the most by far the most disturbing thing in the trailer. However, I would like to say I did not like the for the up. I did not like the over exaggerated Carl. I thought the texture of the gigli puff should be similar to Kirby smooth round balloon like not have tech. Maybe maybe they did a screen test though. And it looked awful is my only thought this is what they chose gigli puppets in the trailer was like the bear. And that gigli puffs is Gina. I hated that. Why does gigli puff has some some weird deep? Green irises that have seen some shit. That'll no, I don't I deleted bar. All of the animals are all all of come on. Really stick is except for site. Uk would look. I guess his eyes aren't realistic. They're just little dots. Yeah. Yeah. But it was funny. I own outside looked I don't know. The reef the Bill was very fleshy looking really, oh, I put to the charred this skit, I don't know the scales. They were a little I don't like the way that they were a little over much. But I think I didn't I didn't look at chart and be like I want to die like did we gigli? Yes. Here's why did like though is that they were able to make bold choices. It's not like Super Mario brothers movie bold. But he was just like, so I don't know like they were able to play with stuff and give us something that we weren't expecting. And it was really a knee, and it has a very clear art direction. And that was the software. I was like that's cool that you guys were able to make these very experimental choices. I understand that. This is very emotional for most. People and it's hard to be like, well, no, this is my peak. It you can monster. Could you cut it? I just liked it. I was like you guys had a vision the hallway through, and that's really cool. You get to see every like, the vision is very cohesive. I think. Carnival. Does. I liked the bulbous or carnival fuzz. But was her was cute. A acute is a relative term. But he looked okay for being sore. I thought looked cute. He looked a little suck buddy. Carnival fuzz p could chew. I'm sorry. I just anyway. Yes. Those are our heated thoughts on detective Pika chew. Well, thank you. Everybody for joining us on this special thick gelatinous episode colleague on show and talking about a ton of goal, which is sort of. Julia like, it's also squishy if you would like to critique this soda or have any questions that you would like to ask us, please don't limit Jolo plead concen them to polygon show at polygon dot com and mirror Ambrosia reps. Appease, what's your Ambrosia? It's like jelly. And it's no sorry. It's like Jolo and whip cream, and it's usually filled with like nuts and fruit, the one the one we've made was like imagine a fruit cocktail. So like all of like, canned peaches can pears grapes marshmallows and coconut and whip cream. Yeah. I think if. You saw a picture of embrose you'd be like, that's what that is. Oh, well, oh, I'll Google that. Usually like cloudy pink or a cloudy green. I mean, if if we don't stop the show, I'll tell you all about carrot salad. Oh, my. One of this looks like the mountain in Rugrats. Yeah. Sunday that I've always wanted anyway to tear terrible job at closing the episode. So please if you like this show, please rate us on apple podcasts and recommend to your friends and visit us at at paulie gun show on Twitter dot com. And I hope you enjoyed this episode this Cari. Cari?.

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