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On the twenty fifth twenty two tops may be icy or city bins in the U. X. technology has admitted to flying slays but it's available to you in a class the G. Ellie GLC and you can get them all for exceptional price during the Mercedes Benz winter events in the US commencing it's me your heart high blood pressure is serious and I can quit whenever I want just treat me better after all we're in this together to get your high blood pressure to a healthy range was it hard dot org slash blood pressure a message from the American heart association and the ad council come on these time seven fifty four the triple a traffic update here's Kira we don't have any big blocking crashes or stalls right now but we do have a crash on the shoulder in Lakewood this is on our ramp from westbound five twelve to north and I five and I'm seeing that was down five twelve is slow for about a mile and a half into that area right now we're also dealing with the closure of blue it passed this morning and this is due to really poor travel conditions we don't have an estimate for when that pass will be re opening a loss to let you know that Stevens pass is seeing snow on the ground in traction tires are advised we have no restrictions that snow Kwame northbound one six seven just a little bit of slowing in the summer it's not too much to worry about and then a brief slowdown at Willis street but again that's not going to be lasting for too long we are working with the heavy drive in Renton on north bound for five from the valley freeway to forty fourth north an I. five also with the sluggish commute in Seattle that starts at the north end of Boeing field towards an a Cup or looking really good on south on I. five south down for five with a bit of extra company around state route five two two and it also looks like without by twenty is tapping the brakes a bit as you're approaching a high five our next como traffic at eight OO four and the weather is going to be chilly for the next several days said Dr though sun and clouds today high near forty for thanksgiving tomorrow mostly sunny low to mid forties will be the low forties on Friday for apple Cup mostly sunny skies right now in downtown Seattle it's cloudy and thirty nine it is time seven fifty six it's time for life be brought to this time by the poly clinic takes time you wash your hands pay attention to how much effort you put into getting them clean not only is good hand hygiene important year round it's especially important during cold and flu season when it comes to kids pediatrician doctor Frank asper says we need to pay special attention to helping them tackle the germs the youngest children you know the one in two year olds are not very good hand wash the year and generally have a hard time working with soap and water and doing the whole sequence that's where alcohol based sanitizer itself is just scored in their.

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