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Waste industries fast signs and Bella dental. Atlantic. That's what we're talking about. Atlanta, Georgia state Panthers are on now. Here's the voice of the Panthers. Dave Cohen on the Georgia state basketball radio network. Good afternoon from Georgia state sports arena. Downtown Atlanta, Georgia state basketball's back on the radio. This afternoon is Ron hunter in the bathrooms. Welcome in the Mavericks of UT Arlington. They've going along with former pather great Lamont MacIntosh. We're courtside is always right here. A lot Charles lefty treselle court. It's a big one for Georgia state. It's a battle to see who's going to. Continue the day in second place in the sun belt conference, Georgia state trying to snap a two game losing skid UT Arlington try to continue winning streak, which is now reached by ballgames. Yes. It's going to be very interested in this afternoon to see who comes out with the most intensity opposite. You have to swings of the pitch them towards the state who took a big loss against Texas day here on Thursday. Have you had car? I'm back from a thirteen point deficit. It stays World Cup win. And now we have two ten teams here who's has the most motivation, which I here the starting lineups for the ballgame. The Mavericks committed to Atlanta nine and eleven they're five and two again a five game winning streak averaging sixty six points a game shooting thirty nine percent from the floor. Back court will look like this Brian warrant a five nine junior point guards Mindy, Annapolis fourteen points down at Georgia Southern on Thursday night. He comes in in twenty games nineteen of them that he started averaging fourteen points, two rebounds. You'll be in the back door with Edrich. Dennis a senior from Dallas transfer from Jackson state, fifteen points, five rebounds, a ballgame. So Warren and Dennis the back court for the Mavericks at one four David Azores. Six four sophomore from Houston. Eleven starts in nineteen games averaging nine points, four rebounds, Andreas Ibar Gwyn six five junior from Santa Marta, Colombia, seven point, seven rebounds. And tian. Ray Jackson young small forward at six three junior from Marshall Texas. He has started now thirteen games averaging seven points, three rebounds. Chris Ogden in his first season the head basketball coach at Texas Arlington, Georgia state starting lineup. We'll look like this. It's the same five that we have seen rod one hundred go with this year, minus one player. It'll be DeMarcus Simon's and. Try to see here DeMarcus Simon's and Devon Mitchell in the backcourt up front. They're going to go a little bit bigger as Jordan Tyson will get a start alongside Jeff Thomas and me Ben Levy, Ron hunter the head basketball coach in his eighth season sister by Ray McCallum plot Pardew Travis Williams snake summers. Sean Mark is. Well, officials today aside by the sun belt conference, Garrick, Shannon. Arthur vault, Wesley Ford and the Panthers in their home. White blue trim road blue with white trim for the Mavericks of UT Arlington. We are just about set for Georgia state basketball here this afternoon from the sports arena. Yup. Predictive Jordan Tyson gonna win it. The ball is gonna come to me. Ben Levy, Georgia state will be running left to right across your radio. Dial or across your app, if you're a little younger as we get this one underway..

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