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Wallet six hundred and ninety two point one FM? Welcome back. Ferguson show as I said earlier we have the opportunity to sit down today with the number one most decorated border patrol agent in history this country. Mr. Kosta, any really took the politics out of the real issues that we have at the border this interview, I did for my TV show, the Ferguson file which you can see on on TV. You can go to blaze TV dot com slash Ben. Again, that's place, TV dot com slash Ben. You can see what I'm talking what we talked about and watch us interview in its entirety. But I want to pick it back up where we were a moment ago, this border patrol agent really broke down the real threats, the real issues, and what he believes you need to know what we all need to know about what's going on at the border. Let's pick it back up. Let me ask you one other question, I know most border patrol agents like yourself get really frustrated with the hypocrisy. That we have with laws and are just completely being ignored first off with sanctuary cities sanctuary states, like California, we saw that legal immigrant police officer that was killed the night after Christmas by an illegal immigrant. We have seen multiple times where illegal immigrants in this country have killed people after we have convicted Macron's and deported them multiple times. What are your thoughts on sanctuary cities in which the federal government do to crack down on that if anything at all?.

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