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Here's a fetal heart rate, and in utero, kicks all told five hundred and eleven companies this year are registered as zippers in digital health category. That's up from four hundred seventy two last year coming up Alon Musk's brand new China factory aims for its first tesla this year. Tesla was the first foreign automaker to take advantage of a rule change allowing foreigners to own their China. Business fast forward to the construction of a new China factory, the first wholly foreign owned car plant in the country with the ceremonial groundbreaking at the plant east of Shanghai this week. Tesla CEO Elon Musk was on hand at the two hundred ten acre site to press a button to switch on the plant, which is at the moment a field and that button was indeed pressed just wait. Because Mr. musk said he aims to build a plant in quote unquote, record time, let's talk about what we know. Joining us now actually from C E S in Las Vegas, because by the way, that's happening is Wall Street Journal reporter, Tim Higgins, Tim. Hi now have to ask your right there. In the thick of it, all what is new and exciting by way of the automotive deck world, become largely an automotive show a place where car companies. And car parts makers talk about what their vision for the future is in a way that helps drive. What customers are thinking around the next corner. So talk the by Toyota about the way, they think that a ton of driving by works demonstration by Audi about how they think entertainment in the car might be in the future really an opportunity for the industry to say, this is kind of our best guess on the way, we think things are going to go. That's a nice little teaser their ten. Thank he will be covering all kinds of CAS stuff this week on the podcast, but turning to the news of this Chinese factory. It's been said we've been saying it on the podcast. Tesla needs to make cars. A big new factory..

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