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The Rock Hall. A podcast about the rock and Roll Hall of fame. I'm your host joke was Allah and I know too much about the rock and Roll Hall of fame with me as always via zoom video chat is my co host. Doesn't care as much about the rock and Roll Hall of fame. Some would say. She's rather skeptical of the institution. It's kristen stuttered truly carrying less each. And every day that this quarantine continues I can tell you that there was a time when you could feel my care mounting. I think the listeners often commented that I now really seem to care and boil. Boy I can tell you even with all this time to think the amount of time that I spend thinking about L. Rock Hall is limited to one hour per week while we recruit. Yeah and would you say it's dissipating? Yes roundly it's really hard to give a shit. I mean it was really hard before and now it's like even harder like the Rock Hall. You guys remember the Rock Hall. I get that but kristen. We have the doing playlist episodes in quarantine. We've been going year by year for each rock hall class. I am picking quarantine theme songs for each inductee and I would say you've you've found some songs through our journey that you enjoy definitely. I've been enjoying this journey. It's neat it's neat. I wonder if people miss US having guests pants. If you want to register your complaint how to do that. Don't do it by leaving. Us review do it in an email and then we'll email only glowing five star reviews goto agents okay. Let's go to I tunes complaints. Go to the Mountain WanNa make fit abundantly clear also complaints. Go only to joke all. I don't want to hear him don't you. Don't you dare involve Kristen drama? Kristen this general role. This is our eighth Corentin playlist. We are working backwards. And we've made it to twenty thirteen and as our listeners. Know at this point you have no idea what you odd sort four. We absolutely no clue twenty thirteen year. I moved to Los Angeles. Get Lucky was the song of the summer fight. That's what I remember. You know this. The twentieth thirteen ceremonies. One of the rare ceremonies where it was in Los Angeles. Well a rare amount. Please forgive me. I know you had to do it. And I'm gonNA I instantly must i. There was nothing else I could do. It was coming out of my mouth before I could even think twice and even then I was like who really who cares. Sorry so what happened at this rare money it was in Los Angeles. I believe it was. La Live downtown. Oh yeah yeah one of those. I from what I understand. Yeah so as our listeners. Know at this point I try to tell a story through these song selections and let's begin by you know I feel like when you ask someone how they're doing. Nowadays there always has to be a preface. There has to be conditions like you say well all things considered or you say given our situation right in Calvin adjusted terms to be due to right. Because there's a there's a lot of circumstances so the first song we're gonNA listen to is a song called circumstances by the band rush.

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