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That will allow him to suspend regulations that interfere with the state's pandemic response researchers say they've been able to manufacture a potential everybody to the coronavirus as Jack Callahan reports researchers say they've created an antibody that neutralizes the corona virus at the cell level offering the potential for both prevention and treatment study published in the scientific journal nature communications reports the every body created in a lab environments was able to inhibit the spike protein found in the virus that causes covert nineteen as well as sars realizing everybody's could alter the course of the infection and someone already infected making it easier for the body to clear the virus or protect someone who's been exposed to the virus actually getting infected the city of Guthrie is lifting its facemask requirements we got three city council voted to allow the public mask mandate to end last night at eleven fifty nine PM Guthrie mayor Stephen Gatling was the only person who voted in favor of continuing the mandate but city council members say they'll continue wearing masks and urging people to do the same the state Senate on Tuesday passed a budget bill for next fiscal year the cuts state agencies about four percent senator Roger Thompson of Pokemon who chairs the Senate Appropriations Committee says it was challenging under the circumstances under six years never voted for a budget set aside this is perfect already go for six years we have set up and we have voted for the best budget we could have been a situation we are in to protect the people of Oklahoma he says considering federal relief funds public schools should not see any cuts for next fiscal year he says the legislature could also use supplemental appropriations to restore some of the agency's cuts if revenues improved at Oklahoma City federal judges giving the state one month to provide more details on how it plans to train prison workers to carry out lethal injections judge Steven free ahed issued the ruling yesterday in a case in which Oklahoma death row prisoners are challenging the state's lethal injection protocols free out gave the state until June fifth to provide information and documents what the hell it's training members of the execution team Attorney General Mike hunter announced in February the state had secured a supply of lethal injection drugs and was ready to resume executions after a five year delay the Attorney General says governor stood lacked the authority under state law to enter into new gaming compacts with the Comanche nation and the Otoe Missouria tribe hunter sent a letter to the U. S. interior secretary asking for the compacts to be rejected he says the governor could not legally by the state into compacts that authorized gaming activity prohibited by state law from the kicking okay weather center in the former sunshine today highs in the mid seventies will drop back to the mid fifties tonight clouds.

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