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On Wall Street. Good morning. I'm Nathan Hager. And I'm Karen Moskow where just about three hours away from the opening of US trading. Let's get you up to date on the news. You need to know at this hour. US futures are leading losses around the world is the trade war between Washington and Beijing escalates. Chinese state media are blaming the US for a lack of progress in trade negotiation, Bloomberg daybreak Asia anchor Bryan Curtis has more from Hong Kong investors away, China's retaliation to hire you as terrorists. But so far no response. The people's daily said the US bears full responsibility because it says the US went back on its word imposed tariffs. Goldman Sachs Morgan Stanley cutting their forecasts on the Chinese currency and ASEAN Bank saying no deal between the US and China is now it's base case Kong. I'm Bryan Curtis. Bloomberg daybreak. Brian. Thank you doubt. Futures are done about three hundred points this morning. China's you want is trading near a three month low. Crude oil is rising amid more tensions in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia says two of its world tankers were attacked while sailing toward the Persian Gulf checking prices now west Texas Intermediate's up one point four percent or eighty seven cents sixty two dollars fifty four cents a barrel. While Brent the international trademark is up. One point seven percent at seventy one dollars seventy nine cents. Investors will be watching the second day of trading for Uber following its flop. We get more live from Bloomberg's John Tucker there. Here's Karen Uber losing ground again down two and a half percent of the pre market Hoover debuted at forty two dollars a share on Friday, well below the IPO price of forty five dollars. It closed at forty one fifty seven that gives it a market cap. Of just sixty nine point seven billion dollars. Investors are questioning the path to profitability movers losses last year. Total three billion dollars on an operating basis. But the company says the most important staff to look at bookings John Tucker, Bloomberg daybreak John. Thank you the bitcoin. Reserve continues this morning. The crypto currency is above seven thousand dollars trading at the highest level since September. It's a busy week for fedspeak errors fed. Vice chairman, Richard Clarita, Boston fed president Eric Rosengren and New York fan president John Williams are among those speaking at a Vince this week and in London Theresa May's government is due to resume talks on Brexit deal with the main opposition labor party this week. And right now futures are lower SNP futures are down thirty six points. Dow futures down three hundred two NASDAQ futures down one hundred twenty eight ten year treasury up thirteen thirty seconds yield two point four two percent. And the yield on the two year is at two point two one percent. Nymex crude oil again up one and a third percent. Comex gold then a quarter percent or down three dollars ten cents at twelve eighty four thirty announced and straight ahead. We have the latest world and national news. And this is Bloomberg. Thank you. Karen? It's six thirty three on Wall Street and Michael Barr has more on what's going on around the.

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