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It's to nothing Jerry Smith. Angels radio. Am eight thirty. It's an angel's game. So, you know, Mike trout did something three to pitch route. It's one high and he hits this fall out into left center field. Really here. The angels win the game sixty Josh I think you would agree with me. We've now got to that point where there's not a question about who's the best player in baseball. They're not any one really close second in two thousand nineteen. No, yeah. Yeah. And we're here in horse racing season. Mike trout is secretary at the Belmont. He's. Exactly White Sox Red Sox. And the Red Sox took the lead the top of the seventh the kick that you one pitch bouncing ball. Slowly hit left side picked by Anderson. Turns goes to second gets an out there. But one's going to score a fielder's choice RBI and the Red Sox toggle back on top. It is forty three just Lewin w e ninety three point seven FM Ryan brazier took that lead four three in the bottom of the ninth inning. And this is what happened when I wanna del Monaco swinging along on right center field on the boop that detract picks gone three run all sacks. Wade. Win socks laying turnout of fireworks. Dead former on WGN and Josh among the Red Sox losses this year. I think that may have been the worst hurt that one hurt you, you know, they had a decent stretch last week needs start to think yourself. Okay. Maybe they're running around loss. Like that reminds you it just doesn't look like they're year, especially so far in the first half. And coming up Carl Ravitch the Rabbie train whether or not the Red Sox need to step up and make the investment and bring back Craig kimbrel. The nationals beat the cardinals two-to-one and along the way Stephen Strasburg reached a milestone, five and a half back hitches in their strength. Recall curveball Hudson Strasbourg with his eighth strike Stephen Strasburg with these strikeout Tacoma Hudson. Looking into the game was also the one thousand five hundred strikeout of his career. So Stephen Strasburg in one thousand two hundred seventy two and a third innings becomes the fastest. According to the Elias sports bureau to reach one thousand five hundred strikeouts in major league history. That's pretty good Charlie slows in the nationals radio networks. So he had a big moment on a really good day. But right after the game general manager, Mike Rizzo announced the pitching coach, Derek Lilla quest has been fired. We've made a staff change. We've let Derek Lula go as pitching coach we're going to replace him with palman heart are longtime minor league pitching coordinator fourteen years in your organization five years in the as our pitching coordinator in the minor leagues. And probably has has had a has touched each and every nationals pitcher, that's that's, you know, ever hit the mound, and he'll be taking over duties as tomorrow at Philadelphia and. We're excited for him to to start his start his major league pitching coach career. We didn't make this move in a day or weeks. You know, so this was this was something that that Davey and myself have have been been keeping are keeping our finger on the pulse of so the nationals make that change that sound from Massin sports. The Padres blew out the Braves eleven to two with a whole bunch of runs in the middle innings to to tie, France. Hi, fly ball, deep right center field that ball will be off the glove that ball off the wall off a kunas an hour away from the glove and hospital is run along contact the way going into third is high France with an Ivy I triple off the fence and the glove of a kunia in center field that call from Josh. Janet, verbal journey was courtesy of Ted Lightner on ninety seven point three the fan. Yeah. Final score eleven to two the twins beat the Astros. Eight two in the final game of that. Series with help from Jayson Castro and a pitch and that balls hit softly the right center field rennet coming on still coming on. He'll get there. No chance to throw out Buxton tagging up and he scores easily with the six run. So again swing and early and having results..

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