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In fact, they did take and Instagram dot com slash millivolts away from an Australian lady, I believe, and it was in the news. But who cares? It's there. It's there. That's very different for us, right? We're giving the people the base ownership of the basic unit that creates value within this, which is your participation in your profiles. Join do you have anything to add to that? Yeah, I would say Ben, I think it's really important for everyone to understand the founders of the Internet never intended for the Internet to be the way it is today. In fact, many of them have even publicly stated like, hey, I'm sorry, was not supposed to be like this. And the reason for that is they were all well intentioned people. We wanted to create this information superhighway, but in a well intentioned effort to keep everything free, we've become productized, right? We've exchanged the right for free social networking, talking to our old friends, right? Exchange the right to free Google searches or free just web searches in general and free messaging. We've opted to give over our data and if you actually look at what has happened, data has become the oil of this digital economy. It's literally the oil of the Internet. When you break it down, we have quite literally handed over our most valuable asset, our personal identifying information to what has become several tech conglomerates that have monetized that. When you build a following on Instagram or on Twitter, you're quite literally building a mansion on Mark Zuckerberg's land or on Jack Dorsey's land..

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