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The i can see bench in their boss but otherwise the first or second on Pick i really do not really have a guy that i would say that he would Want to put on your bench this week. So i'm going to punt that one so i don't have one forty s so. My advice is to not do that My sleeper guy. that i think Is going to do well this week. Is i'm gonna go with Nicole hardman Against the reds or the washington football team is the guy who i think has shots if you need a to spot with by weeks right here He's definitely worse Bringing out there. I don't i don't know the total story on tiree issues. How healthy is going to be this week. So i think he's worth a shot because Washington definitely can give the points. I'll say thank you on the it is. It is beautiful. If he's telling the truth farrell and we need to get back to you. Okay all right. Well i'll let me tell you time where he didn't tell the truth and this is going back and forth puffy. I don't know five years ago. I was i was. I think i was drafting. Run you can. maybe you remember this too. I was driving either ten or eleven and you were twelve and we took me on round a break. And i was talking to you and i was talking to. I think our our good buddy and former kentucky overall main event champ. Kurt all about what i was gonna do when it came back into round nine. Now i already. I think i had a whole. This is where i can't remember. I either had a whole it running back. Or i had the starting running back for the rams and i wanted to grab stephen jackson coming back and and know like ron and the other guy drafting. Eleven worry if i was me drafting. Eleven Well you only twelve okay. So like four back thirty. That's what was. Yeah so you had right. So i was pretty confident. I was even get him. I even kinda poke your your your brand and you were talking about this receiver this fight and then i'm like okay. Well clearly ron is not going. After stephen jackson so i was already when we came back from break to To address even jackson On my team and and move forward and then we start off again and and bronze. I up to act. And who does he take all. Take running back steven jackson. What how how. How does that work. Well what whatever is your number five twenty x after telling you going to take a receiver a end or quarterback. For god's sake. I don't know what it was and from then on now it's unfortunate that your last name rhymes with liar. But from then. On ron meyer is a liar. Was the perfect fantasy football team for you for me. Really anybody poisoned. Kfc or the f. fcc. That's the way i remember it. Ron yeah right. After i picked that guy you went on full tilt jumped out of your seat amd your pan down and rent scream so loud as the in the ballroom reactor. Yeah i heart football. He thought somebody got hart's foot when you jumped up that that was i was not. I was not proud of my behavior. I did not handle it. Well Texture spent and and if there is ever a time barrel that i am on the turn. With ron ron meyer at the eleven or the two. When i met the one of the twelve i will indeed go out of my way to train wreck my team to make sure i take care of heat was going to save Come back but i'm plotting my way..

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